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Level of Hypocrisy - Homosexual Children v/s Parents

In the current scenario, Homosexuality is getting treated as a normal thing in a weird way. Though people have complaints, doubts, judgments regarding the whole concept of same sex love, they are sort of habituated in coming across the homosexual people and situations, after the decriminalization of Sec 377 in India. Now, many people are supporting the LGBT community which is quite a progressive thing that can be seen in this day and age.

Well, when we stress about the people who are especially the parents of those homosexual children who are open to the society as themselves with their respective sexual orientation, the aspect of Hypocrisy arises. Firstly, salute to all the parents who have accepted their children and their homosexuality in a broad way. But, are you really accepting your children and allowing them to live the way they love?

There are many broad minded parents in the society of India, who is literally supporting their children by participating in Pride Marches and holding the heart touching boards in many rallies. Those moments are really sentimental and empowering too. We need those kind of people of the society to change the Queer Scenario in India. But, is it just to portray your open mindedness to the society?

Accepting a person's sexual orientation is all about accepting everything in an unbiased and impartial way. Sexual orientation is not only about sexual preferences, but also other essential preferences like Education, Career, Dressing and Lifestyle too..! But, unfortunately, this is not totally happening with the parents of homosexual children. The clashes between a parent and child is quite common in any family, but the intensity and the number of clashes in a family with a homosexual child will be even more.


There are many parents out there, who thinks that getting educated in art schools actually make their children even more gay. That's completely ridiculous. There are no measurements of gayness in any person. And if you think being effeminate is more gay, then you are totally wrong. A homosexual child is all about attracting to other homosexual kid. That's nature and there is no rule that the children who get educated in Sciences won't fall in love with his/her same sex pal. And to all the parents, who support homosexuality of other kids but won't allow their kids to get mingled with homosexual kids, you are literally going against your own statements which is way worse than not supporting homosexuality.

So, please, Homosexuality is not a disease. Don't show your hypocrisy towards the homosexual kids and their parents. And, the parents of homosexual kids, treat your children the way they want to get treated. Don't be a social hypocrite by not allowing them to study what they love and be proud of the creative personalities of your children.


Two minutes of silence to all those parents who think that being gay or lesbian is all about stepping into glamorous industries like fashion, hair and makeup. Don't just stereotype the homosexual orientations. There is one biggest myth in the society, that people who step into the fashion industry for work, will get converted into a gay. For god's sake, it's not Christianity. Sexual Orientations aren't religions. There is no concept of Conversion. It's all about choices.

Parents are the people who easily get influenced by others because of the responsibility and love they have towards their children. Because of the high levels of hypocrisy, these parents are loosing the common sense. The workplace has nothing to do with one's sexual orientation. Professional choices and Personal choices are totally different. They shouldn't be merged and the education teaches that for every person. So, don't worry about it. Have trust in your children and their orientations. It's totally up to them, how to behave at work place. Give them the space they need regarding their work and career. If your child is gay, that doesn't mean he shouldn't step in the Fashion Industry and if your child is lesbian that doesn't mean she shouldn't work late just because of her gender. Support their careers like the way how you support their sexual orientations, without any limitations. Don't behave a social hypocrite and restrict your children to excel.


The main and basic aspect where the parents of any homosexual child get easily offended every single day. It's almost the same situation for a homosexual person with their parents before and after coming out of closets in the concept of dressing sense. The restrictions of dressing style for a homosexual person from their parents is never ending concept because, Indian Parents mostly care about others than themselves. They continuously throw tantrums if an effeminate gay child deck up like a diva. They either abuse or they cleverly pass the guilt on society by convincing their children in a protective way. They don't want their kids to be loud personalities. At this point, they show their hypocrisy to their children by comparing them with others who are either loud or sober. They compare with other loud homosexuals and literally restrict their children, not to dress up like them. They think those who dress up in a vibrant way will look visibly gay to the society. They simply forget the aspect that their own kid is also a homosexual.

It's the same with lesbian children too, especially to the butch or tomboy category lesbians because they love to dress up like a man, totally in denims and shirts. They always desire to cut their hair short or else trim like a guy. But, hardly their parents allow them to dress and style the way they love.

Parents need to take a chill pill, when it comes to dressing sense, because, no matter what your children wear, their sexual orientations remain same. Their hairstyles, makeup and outfits won't change their homosexual behavior into a heterosexual personality. So, why to be hard on your children? After all, you accept them as themselves, allow them to style the way they love. Don't be mean and especially don't be a social hypocrite by comparing your children to other homosexuals.


Unlike heterosexuals, the homosexual lifestyle is totally different because there are a lot of struggles to be faced by a homosexual person in the society to excel. So, the burden of making people accept them also adds to their daily routine of the homosexual lifestyle. So, the parents have to think about it. It's really something which must be appreciated that parents of homosexual children treat their lifestyle in a normal way. But practically, it is never going to be normal, especially in the country like India. It took years to decriminalize the same sex practices and still the gay marriages aren't legalized yet. So. rather than forcing your children regarding their marital status, just try to understand the current situation in India. Same sex marriages are all about love. Don't be a social hypocrite if your children ask you regarding the live-in relationships with their partners.

Live-in relationships are quite common nowadays. And it is also healthy for long lasting relationships. Don't listen to others opinions because they are your children, only your opinion matters to them. And also please don't judge if a homosexual couple stays together near your residence because at the end of the day, you are also parents to a homosexual child, you should understand better than anyone else. Showing your hypocrisy will act as another hardship for their homosexual lifestyle.

Last but not least, homosexual relationships are sort of fragile. Strictly speaking, they are only strong when two persons know the meaning of dating and living together. So, if your children are one among them who doesn't know the value of love and keep on breaking the relationships, please make them understand the meaning of love rather than behaving like a hypocrite. Because many of the parents of homosexual children are literally seeding the negativity of same sex relationships and trying to convince them to get married to a heterosexual person. This will simply ruin your child's life. Leave the hypocrisy behind, and accept your children completely, each and every single aspect of their sexual orientation.

Finally, thanks to all those parents who has accepted and always accept their children the way they are in the context of sexual orientation. You give a hope to all the children out there and make the world a better place to live. It's just sometimes, due to external influences, the flavor of acceptance is getting diluted because of these narrow minded people. One thing to remember is, for any child, the acceptance of parents is more important than anything else.

Accept us completely and Love us the way you always do!!

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(The above content is drafted on the survey and a few personal experiences)

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