Level of Hypocrisy... Gays v/s Gays

It's common. Sometimes the people from the same community can also end up becoming social hypocrites to each other for the sake of selfishness and to maintain secrets in the aspect of intimacy. Why do they have to become like that? Why can't they open up themselves to others to reduce the miscommunication? Why don't they confront others about their own identities?

I'm just mentioning about the current Gay dating scenario in India. The level of hypocrisy in Gay Community India arises out of stupidity and egotism. In the complete and clear perspective of a Gay person, being myself a gay guy, I can say that, we gays are acting like hypocrites when it comes to this online dating scenario. We know our worth, but we still act desperate. We know what we want, but we still convince ourselves to give what others want. We know who are gays and who are not, but in the heat of the moments, we are totally making ourselves as fools in front of those undeserving yet desperate fuckers in the society. We don't like the act of desperation from others, but we act perfectly as desperate as hell with others. We have our own dating rules and ethics, but we indeed won't follow them. Simply, we want others to reveal themselves, but we won't reveal ourselves.

If you are getting connected to at least one point I have mentioned above, then, yes, accept yourself as a Social Hypocrite in the community. Well, just because I'm writing this article, doesn't mean that I'm an exception. I have literally entertained many people who aren't gay. So, every one of us, somehow becoming a hypocrite and facing hypocrites every single day in this millennial era of Virtual Dating.

Answer to yourself that how many profiles you are going through every single day, which says "No Pic - No Reply" and indeed they don't maintain at least one proper picture of them. Trust me, if we filter the profiles, with this particular phrase, 92% profiles will be out there after filtration. I really want to share something in this category, especially to those dumb fucks who won't follow this rule. In the current scenario, there are many people who don't like getting showcased on these dating yet hookup apps, just because of their own identity issues. Respect them and if they don't reveal themselves after replying to their message