Levels of Hypocrisy - Gay V/S Straight

Let me start by clearing a simple yet realistic fact that Gay and Straight people are the communities belongs to the same gender, which literally mean that both gay and straight carry the manhood in their bodies and soul. No matter whether they are effeminate or non-effeminate, both gay and straight are considered as Guys! Please know this simple fact and act accordingly with the common sense.

I came across many people in dating apps mentioning that they aren't gays but guys. That one phrase annoys me like anything because that wholly showcase the utmost stupidity. Do you have straight friends who reacted in a weird way when you came out as gay? Obviously, every straight guy showers either disinterest or pity when a guy comes out as gay. That's purely common.

But why these straight guys show utmost levels of hypocrisy when it comes to gays and their behavior? Why do they ask such meanest questions on earth? The most common question is how two guys fuck each other? To all those straight assholes, we gays fuck and get fucked through assholes. I think your question is answered. Well, I will tell you how the straight guys portray their hypocrisy.

When a gay person reveals about his orientation to his straight companions or friends, they either accept it the way they are or else they start judging from the next minute. Thanks to all the straight guys who understand us, but to all the straight men out there who assume that every gay guy on earth would check you out just because of homosexuality, then you are purely wrong to the core. Because, homosexuality in gays is all about loving a man not all men in the world. So, don't think that every guy who comes out as Gay would check you out. Gay guys also maintain standards too. You must aware of them.

And don't treat it as a disease or anything which is abnormal. We don't need your pity. We also don't need your acceptance and support. We just share the information that we are interested in guys only. So, that from next time, you straight people won't act weird and ask heterosexual question. Understand it.

And to all the Gays out there, stop acting weird in front of these straight men and stop degrading yourself. Have some self respect and give some respect to other's choices and orientations too. Don't just flirt with every random guy you meet. Know their orientations and act accordingly. Because, the way how you react when a girl approaches you for sex is totally equal to the way how straight men react when a guy approaches them. So respect each other's orientation. It's all about the choice of sex and gender. Why don't you just calm down a bit and understand this simple fact.

Are you wondering for the aspect of hypocrisy here between Gay men and Straight Men? Till now I have expressed the inner thoughts and views of Gay men and Straight men about each other. But coincidentally and surprisingly, the level of hypocrisy arises in the same manner