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Level of Hypocrisy - Ex v/s Current!!

In the mode of dating, we shift a lot of chairs until we get comfortable with every single aspect of that particular with a few adjustments. Here, shifting the chairs is all about getting into various people to find that special someone who can hold the forever tag with us for the whole life. Till then, we keep on dating various types of people to know who would befit us and our personality to stay in a relationship for at least some part of our life. In this process, we experience the dating cycle with all the behavioral patterns of our ex-partners and current partners. Because today's current partner can become tomorrow's ex-partner.

A person can witness the changes in levels of hypocrisy between his/her ex-partner and current partner and this scenario is a cycle indeed. People get into a relationship after judging every single aspect of their partners. They decide whether to stay in a relationship or to take a break from it, basing on all the traits and behaviors of their partners' personalities. Here arises the hypocrisy in a relationship between people. There are chances that a current partner can become an ex-partner for a particular person due to these hypocritical factors.

Generally, people like others if they see the beauty and uniqueness in a personality. But unfortunately, those rare factors look ugly after a while in a relationship. People start complaining about every aspect of their partners, especially about the factors they used to like the most. Because, after spending some period, people start behaving as hypocrites by portraying their partners' most beautiful traits as the most irritating ones later. By then, all the love gets substituted by controlling power and unnecessary expectations. Hence, they start suppressing their partners by asking them to behave according to their wishes. At this point, some people get pissed off and break the relationships. And the current partners become ex-partners later. And again, they search for new partners and the cycle continues forever until they meet a person who accepts them the way they are without judging and interfering with their traits.

And it's not an end yet. The real hypocrisy starts here. Imagine, a person ends a relationship with his/her current partner and take a break from the relationship world. The chances are high for them to get approached by many people because of their "Single" relationship status. For suppose, that particular person unintentionally shares his/her breakup story by mentioning "the conflict of thoughts due to hypocrisy" as a reason, then people who approach that person, try to prove themselves as opposed to their ex-partners. That's how they make a person fall for them. Some are true but some fakes for the sake of getting desperately into a relationship. And as expected, most of the times, that particular person feels like repeating the same mistake by entertaining a hypocrite one more time in his/her life.

Basically, in a person's life, most of the times, the level of hypocrisy between his/her ex-partner and current partner, have the same wavelength. Yet, these partners oppose each other by saying that they are opposite to each other, but behave in the same way. Same hypocrisy, same illogical mindsets, the same insecurities, same possessiveness, same controlling aspects, same suppressing factors, indeed it's like dating the same people with different faces. This happens to most of us. And we might have behaved the same way with our hypocritical mindsets with our partners. In the end, one or the other way, we all become social hypocrites.

The main reason for the increasing levels of hypocrisy is being fake or false personalities. Sometimes, to get something, we fake our mindsets and we act according to the opposite person's mindset to get into a relationship with him/her. Initially, we like everything about that person, but slowly our true personality cannot accept the person whom we date. Hence, we start behaving exactly opposite to the way how we behave initially. And then we contradict ourselves and our statements while we are in a happy relationship. We screw up things and control our partners to behave according to us. We suffocate them and finally, we stretch it till it detaches. Hence, our positions shift from current partner to an ex-partner in our loving partner's life. Hypocrisy can bring out different shades of a person which make him/her mess up his/her love life.

We don't have to impress people by contradicting the statements of their ex-partners just to become their current partners. We don't have to behave and fake our personalities just to get into a relationship which can easily get broken off within no time. Because no relationship stands still on lies and fake personal traits. We don't have to change our mindsets just because our partners are excelling good in their lives. Most of the times, jealousy, insecurity, possessiveness, doubtfulness, anger, dominance, diplomacy, controlling power, taking-for-granted persona acts as the main reasons for a person to become a hypocrite towards his/her partner in a relationship. And these become as hurdles and suffocate our partners and finally they burst out to break the relationship.

Instead, why can't we just maintain the same pace every single day with our partners? Why can't we encourage them when they excel in life? Why can't we understand our partner's open-mindedness and strong personal traits when he/she talks to someone else? Why do we feel insecure and act possessively when our partners getting approached by others? Why don't we understand and accept our partners the way they are all the time?

Understand one simple thing, everyone is a hypocrite, but no one likes to be with a person who acts as a social hypocrite in his/her relationship. We build our relationships with many beautiful traits and trust, but we all ruin them with our hypocrisy. We must at least try not to be a hypocrite with our partners in our romantic relationship with them. Give it a thought. If not you always shift from being a current partner to ex-partner for the whole life.

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