Level of Hypocrisy - Dads v/s Daughters

There are various kinds of people in this World. They can be categorized according to the shape, size, religion, region, caste, creed, ethnicity, occupation, sexual orientation, physical abilities, mental abilities and many more. There is no limitation for a human to categorize himself in various fields. We all do that every single day. I never understand how differentiation between humans gives happiness to humans indeed.

Hypocrisy is one thing that acts like a sour tint to the recipe of Humanitarian Values. No matter how good or bad, the person is, he/she comes with a little amount of Hypocrisy. Everyone in this whole fucking world is a Hypocrite. You don't have to blame others. FIY, one must check themselves before calling others a Hypocrite.

This week, I want to share my thoughts about Levels of Hypocrisy among Fathers of Daughters. The father and Daughter relationship is so pristine with full of chaste. The purest form of love between a dad and a daughter is visually adorable and one can't explain it in words. It must be either felt or seen. But what happens when a father thinks about his girl child in terms of her Education and Wedding.

We really come across many instances of early marriages of girls and discouraging scenario of girl education. Successfully in many parts of India, the fathers of daughters have upgraded their mindsets and way of thinking in the aspects of Girl Education, but definitely not in the aspect of education tagged with Wedding.

Why Indian fathers want to spend more money lavishly on a girl's wedding rather than spending the same amount of money on their daughters for their bright future? Why Indian fathers want their daughters to be educated and the same fathers never allow their daughter-in-laws to continue their education after the wedding. I have seen this level of hypocrisy in many parts of India.

Why can't they understand that the Daughter-in-Laws are someone else's daughters. Why they become hypocrites in the aspect of allowing their daughter-in-laws for continuing their careers post wedding. And why the fathers of these daughter-in-laws wouldn't allow their daughters to choose their career before choosing a man for life? It's too confusing to even think about this issue.

Every father must allow their daughters to continue their education and spend an amount on their successful career rather than spending lavishly to get her married and tie her with unnecessary burdens for whole life. If the step isn't taken, definitely the girl's career phase will be ruined. But still, there will be a chance from her In-laws side. They can encourage her to continue her education or career post wedding, instead of suppressing her and her ideology with the stupid concept of increasing the family tree.

But this is not happening in every family. Only few polished families are following this type of ideology and letter their daughters excel in their life. The Rest of them are still taking their daughters as a burden and getting them married to some unknown idiots and happily sending them by ruining their life. Where all the love vanishes all of a sudden, if the word Wedding arises in the minds of these fathers? Why they lose their own identities and get influenced by neighborhood? Why the fathers who used to lecture about girls' education and girls' wedding choices, all of a sudden, lose their ideologies and ruin the lives of their own daughter? Why they become social hypocrites?

To all the fathers out there, who thinks that spending money on a daughter's wedding to give her bright future is better than spending money on her education, YOU are WRONG. Education and career is more important than converting your own daughter into a family expanding machine to someone else's family. Please think about it and act according to it. Know her choices, Know her wishes. Ask her Consent and take any step, according to it. Because, that's what real loving fathers do to their adorable daughters.

Take the social hypocrite out of you. Treat your daughter like a Treasure, not like an Obstacle.

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