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Level of Hypocrisy - Couple in a long-distance relationship!

Hypocrisy is everywhere and in everyone. People behave as hypocrites sometimes purposefully and sometimes unintentionally. This unintentional form of showing hypocrisy is mostly seen among the couples who are in romantic relationships. Possessiveness, insecurities and sometimes, love itself can turn all these couples into social hypocrites. Not only they show hypocrisy towards others, but they also ruin their beautiful moments with their partners too.

A long-distance relationship works on a hell lot of conditions, self-control, patience and most importantly understanding each other. If any one of these traits misses in a couple, they would end up getting drifted away from the love paths they have created in their relationship. Every couple who decides to work the long-distance relationship always get screwed up at some part of the time, unintentionally, but some do knowingly to get rid of their partners or their relationship or to try someone else who is nearby. The scenario of hypocrisy arises during the mid part of a long-distance relationship.

The changes reflect hugely between a couple when they come into a long-distance relationship, especially to those people who used to date every day and suddenly decided to continue the relationship by doing long-distance due to some choices and preferences. Because these people know how their partners behave when they are with them and how they behave when they aren't around and these are the people who can't make change properly and they substitute love with unnecessary discussions. The conversations always lead to arguments for such kind of people.

Space: Giving and taking space and having some "Me time" is so important for a person to be in a healthy relationship. But some people don't give a damn about it because they couldn't understand that concept because they completely make their life revolves around their partners. Hence, the person who agrees to give space in a long-distance relationship starts complaining if his/her partner has occupied with some work or other events. They act as hypocrites by sounding opposite than before. Rather than giving space, they take too much of space and suffocate their partners. It must be the other way, in love, one should respect each other's space.

Trust: We all have trust issues when are in love, especially millennials. We don't believe anyone so easily, yet fall in love blindly with wrong people all the time. That's bad, but undeniable too. There are two sides to trust issues in a long-distance relationship. One, we doubt too much that even a delay of five minutes for a call to be received from our partner bothers us like crazy and we end up behaving like mad people and burst out on our partners. The second side is blindly believing whatever the shit our so-called cheating partner conveys to us. It's too much of trusting one's partner and taking his irreparable mistakes as simple ones. Both sides of these trust issues are toxic to the core. We say we love our partners and we trust them like anything but still deep in our hearts, some of us don't mean it. They just say it for the sake of fake love. They act as social hypocrites by doubting every single move of their partners.

The capacities of believing something decrease in a long-distance relationship. We crave the attention all the time and we end up not allowing our partners to mingle with someone else because of our hidden insecurities. Giving them proper space and trusting them to the core is all we can do. But we end up messing the whole thing because of the distance and because of our immense love for our partners. Yes, sometimes, love itself can make a person act intensely crazy to suck a relationship big time.

Love: Couples who are in a long-distance relationship promise each other many things and they strive harder than before to meet all those promises and spend a happy love life ahead. But the emotional side of a person, always makes him/her fluctuated with his/her feelings, which makes them either fall intensely in love with the person they date or cheat on that particular person for being with another person. Love can do many things both better and worse, but only self-control will decide what must be done at a particular time. Long-distance relationships need self-control capabilities. A person who says that he would be forever with his partner may all of a sudden end up with another person in the middle of his long-distance relationship. And sometimes, a person may be fed up dealing with the attitude changes of his/her partner and end his long-distance relationship after finding some major behavioral changes. This happens in most of the long-distance relationship. People become social hypocrites by committing something exactly opposite to what they have said to partners, before getting into a long-distance relationship. All they need is love and some self-control to set the things the way they are.

Instead of becoming social hypocrites out of love, why can't we just think about our partners, understand them, trust them, love them like we always do, control ourselves from distractions? Well, if you really find someone better and if you really find your partner is getting toxic day by day, just finish it up with a proper explanation and a smile and just get out of the relationship on good terms. But never give up believing in long-distance relationships. They are pure and perfect, only if you can understand and behave properly.

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