Level of Hypocrisy - Couple in a long-distance relationship!

Hypocrisy is everywhere and in everyone. People behave as hypocrites sometimes purposefully and sometimes unintentionally. This unintentional form of showing hypocrisy is mostly seen among the couples who are in romantic relationships. Possessiveness, insecurities and sometimes, love itself can turn all these couples into social hypocrites. Not only they show hypocrisy towards others, but they also ruin their beautiful moments with their partners too.

A long-distance relationship works on a hell lot of conditions, self-control, patience and most importantly understanding each other. If any one of these traits misses in a couple, they would end up getting drifted away from the love paths they have created in their relationship. Every couple who decides to work the long-distance relationship always get screwed up at some part of the time, unintentionally, but some do knowingly to get rid of their partners or their relationship or to try someone else who is nearby. The scenario of hypocrisy arises during the mid part of a long-distance relationship.

The changes reflect hugely between a couple when they come into a long-distance relationship, especially to those people who used to date every day and suddenly decided to continue the relationship by doing long-distance due to some choices and preferences. Because these people know how their partners behave when they are with them and how they behave when they aren't around and these are the people who can't make change properly and they substitute love with unnecessary discussions. The conversations always lead to arguments for such kind of people.

Space: Giving and taking space and having some "Me time" is so important for a person to be in a healthy relationship. But some people don't give a damn about it because they couldn't understand that concept because they completely make their life revolves around their partners. Hence,