Level of Hypocrisy - Before and After breakup!!

Life is a cycle and it exactly resembles karma, what goes around comes around. But sometimes, things go exactly opposite to it, life becomes elliptical and even karma too, it drifts away a bit, but comes back to normal after testing a person in its elliptical path. Maybe that's the reason, some of the world's biggest space projects have gone wrong, even though they prepared to make their satellites enter spherical paths. That's Karma and something a human can never understand. Getting expertise in space science is way easier than understanding the love life of a person. Because, we are hypocrites, we keep on changing our paths conveniently and complain about the same later. This is a mere form of the stupidity of people in dealing with love, relationships, and breakups.

The interesting and irritating part is we sometimes become hypocrites and ruin our relationships and we feel bad about the same hypocritical behavior of ours but still judge the other person of being a hypocrite. It isn't easy to comprehend love. One must need the utmost patience and dedication to the feelings and emotions of himself and others to reach the position to know a bit about love. We all break up for various reasons like family issues, societal issues, career issues, trust issues, preferential issues, and many more ridiculous materialistic reasons. The breakup could be from one side or a mutual one. No matter what kind of breakup, it could be, breaking up in a relationship affects people who share an emotional bond. But the hypocrisy plays a major role in making those people degraded before and after ending a relationship. Wonder how?

Before a breakup, we always judge our partners and their deeds and somehow we search for the loopholes in the work they do, sometimes our partners could be correct, but to our eyes, they look like someone who commits mistakes all the time. We complain about every single issue, including the things which we like in them before getting into a relationship. For suppose, if you fall for a person who is hardworking enough, it is your work to accept the future consequences of time issues, you shouldn't complain about it, which is hypocrisy. If you are in a relationship with a person who leads a simple life, complaining regarding his denial to fancy parties and flashy people is the least a person can expect, so you must not complain about it, if you do, which means you are contradicting your statements, which is hypocrisy too. Like these, we all become social hypocrites under the influence of people and situations around us and force our partners to be someone they can never be, which leads to a breakup at the end.