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Let it be a Natural No shave November...

If you think it is a trend, then you are wrong. If you treat it as a break, then you will be messed up. If you turn it out into something meaningful, your tresses will love you. The term "No shave November" is not just any viral millennial hashtag or something to follow for the sake of likes, indeed it is to be followed for the sake of lives. Yes, it is the tribute for the cancer patients in our society. It is a sort of respect for them and something useful for everyone, to just believe that humanity still exists. People take it as just a routine only guys would follow. Some for social media and some for fun. But the reason is an emotional one. This month, most of the guys, contribute the whole amount they are going to spend on their cut, color, style of facial hair and it is a pristine charity event for the cancer patients.

No shave November is all about the financial and emotional support to all the fighters who are struggling to survive by beating the dreadful disease of Cancer. We all are aware of the people who undergo surgeries, chemotherapies, and even medication while they are suffering from cancer, they need to shave every follicle on their body for better health. Because the hair takes maximum supplements of the body for its growth. Hence, they get rid of it for better developments during their medication. This is one of the main causes behind the "No shave November" movement all over the world. And it is not only meant for guys. Because women spend a lot of money on their tresses when compared to men. A lot of amounts can be collected if both men and women, leave their hair naturally without allowing themselves to cut, color and style their manes.

Why don't we leave our tresses naturally at least this month? Rather than spending money on hair products, we can donate that amount for the wellness of cancer patients. We can pamper ourselves and the tresses of people who are suffering, by some natural ingredients which soothe scalp and tresses for stronger hair. This month is all about the care of your hair. This is to promote awareness in people to embrace their hair and grow it to the full extent in a healthy way. Cancer patients loose hair and it depresses them, especially people who love carrying their gorgeous locks all the time. For the support, we all grow our hair, but at the same time, people who are suffering feel bad for not having hair. To balance both support and the emotional pressure, we all must treat our hair natural and let leave it as it is without grooming and styling. This saves a big amount of money, which people can use it for the prevention of cancer and also as an aid for the patients who are suffering.

Yes, this is not just a trend, but an emotional and healthy initiative. Canceling the waxing appointments, not stepping in salons for a cut and shave, not using the hair products won't serve the purpose of No shave November to the whole extent. This month is all about taking good care of your hair, growing it without the involvement of scissors, trimmers, and razors and especially pampering your tresses with natural products. After the booming of many products in the market, we kept all the natural techniques aside, didn't we? This November, let us grow our hair, in a very natural way. No serums, no hair tonics, and no ridiculous masks.

Go to your mom and ask her to give a nice scalp massage with bhringraj oil. Boil the curry leaves in coconut oil and take the whole extract and apply it to your daughter's hair. Give her nice hair relaxing therapies. Apply the mixture of olive oil + Argan oil + coconut oil to your mustache and beard for the better growth. Mix castor oil with jojoba oil, apply it to your scalp for the better nourishment. We have so many natural oils that help us grow our hair naturally without those chemically processed ones. Try the pure extracts of Sesame oil and blend it with henna leaves, it helps as an anti-graying agent. Take a break from all your hair products. Treat your locks with all the natural hair oils and cleanse them with soap nuts (Sapindus) and Shikakai paste. Condition them with Yogurt, Aloe Vera paste, Egg whites, and honey. This is how a person used to maintain his/her before all these products have introduced. Let's try it one more time and pamper your hair naturally to show the support for others and also for yourself too.

Most importantly, they support the survivors of cancer by strengthening their inner emotional side and also their outer appearances of hair by promoting natural growth through natural ingredients. Sharing is caring. Share their pain and care for their hair too.

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