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Kissing the wrong one...

Kiss, that one moment, where a person feels as if the whole world takes a pause, closing the eyelids and appreciating the transfer of love from one body to another through the flow of sweet saliva and exchanging of calories, on top of that, the one feeling, which makes us feel satisfied that we end up with the one we are looking for! Yes, this moment only happens when you kiss the right person in your life.

And this may happen soon for some people and this may take a life long time to find that one right person for a few. Sometimes, a person may find in his/her first kiss and sometimes, a person can never feel that one right kiss moment, even though that person already experiences n number of kisses in his/her life. And some people get confused between who's the right and who's the wrong one! Of course, love makes you confused and drop you in a deep dilemma between people you think you are in love with.

This confusion is much needed to attain clarity out of your love-life scenario. It is always suggested to kiss the wrong one to find the right person. We humans, fall in love with multiple people in our life. In confusion state, we may end up committing to most of them, but indeed we feel shallow and dissatisfied with our love. The spark in our romantic relationships only shines when we know that we are in love with the right person.

Some get committed because of societal pressures, peer pressures and even self-pressure too, thinking that we should be in love no matter what. And this is the most common mistake, many of us do and ruin our love-life. Sometimes, due to these mistakes, we may even miss the right person or just ignore him/her presence in our life. People, generally get confused in the world of love, especially when they know that they are being loved by more than one person. Having options is good, but it also screws up your happiness and makes your process, a bit hard.

The only one thing which is suggestible is, to kiss the wrong person. You don't know who is that wrong person till you share an intimate moment and this doesn't mean you should end up sleeping with every person who proposes you and whom you think you love. Sharing intimacy can happen with intense conversations and a kiss in the heat of the moments. Because, these little things will let you know, whether the person you are with, is right for you or not.

If you feel happy, satisfied, protected, cared, respected and clearly understood by a person without having second thoughts, then that person is a true match for you to make you fall in love every single day and treat you special all time. You can get the same kind of attention from too many people, but that one feeling of completeness only happens with one person. Hence, to get out of your confusion state or to get clarity about a person, sometimes, you should end up kissing the person whom you think you may be in love with.

If you have already felt that completeness and you get confused about whether that person is right for you, you will never feel the same completeness with any other person, no matter how many times you end up kissing the wrong ones. You will never feel that wholeness of your kiss because you surely give breaks to those kinds of kisses. That's love! You can only share with one person and if you are fortunate enough, you may get the right persons in your life one after the other but never at once.

This is one kind of selecting your true match out of too many wrong matches. The rights and wrongs of love can be discovered only through experiencing them. That makes a person understand the connection he/she has with another person in terms of having a romantic relationship. Many unfortunate incidents happen in our life and make us move away from the right ones. It may be because of misunderstandings, miscommunication, time factors, pressures and external influences. But, a tight bond can never be broken. Life makes you try all the wrong ones and prove that you are wrong and leads you to the right person.

Silly fact is we all know our right persons. It's just we don't realize them. We don't recognize them. We ignore them purposefully to try others. We hurt them to test their love. We keep them away to focus on other commitments. We do all kinds of shit to get into the wrong ones, but fortunately, we always end up with the right ones, no matter what.

So, do not hesitate to kiss the wrong ones and do not ever feel guilty or have regrets about kissing some undeserving and wrong ones in your life. Because they are the one who acts as your milestones to reach the place where your right one stand for you to hug you tight and share the most romantic kissing moment of your life and who knows you may end up in a lifelong relationship with that one right person!

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