It's Simple, but really really hard!

Consequences after breaking up a romantic relationship is quite difficult to imagine. It's always seemed simple for people to utter the phrase called "Move on", but it's not practically that easy. Especially, breaking up with a bisexual partner whom we love to the core, is way more difficult than anything else. Wondering why it's only about bisexual partner? Because, most of the relationships in the LGBT community are coming to an end because of suppression, confusion and unnecessary transformations of Bisexuals.

There is no rule that gays should date only gays and every lesbian should date only a lesbian. In fact, most of the LGBT Indians end up dating bisexuals and plan to settle with them forever because the population of bisexuals in India is more. And the important thing is most of the gays and lesbians hide in closets who can't disclose their sexual orientations. Hence, many of the LGBT relationships revolve around the bisexuality and its Indian consequences.

In India break ups happen not because of misunderstanding, mistrust, and miscommunication. They happen because of societal influences, typical peer pressure, family attachments and many unnecessary, ridiculous reasons which aren't worth enough to mention. This is making people's lives a big mess, especially in the context of dating and romantic relationships. And ask any bisexual person, the reason behind their breakups, 70% of them will mention either it's because of their family pressure regarding Marriage or else it's because of their confusion towards their future. But getting scared about the societal judgments is the main reason.

Breaking up with bisexual partners is simple. It's like any other breakup we see in our life. You may get offended, if I mention that bisexuals are actually the ideal partners for any person in respect of personalities and sex. They can manage both in a good way. But on the negative side, love life with a bisexual partner is never simple. It includes not only two people, but also a hell lot of societal factors and they are even more, when that particular bisexual person is closeted.

Forget about dating for a while, because love isn't love if there are no disputes, arguments and instant patch ups. But the situation of breaking up for life and decision of not facing each other forever is hard. Breakups are hard. But they can be easy, if the reason for breaking up the relationship is either mutual decision or a huge misunderstanding. But they are hard, if the reasons are simply ridiculous to mention. Sometimes simple things are hard to take a gulp.

  • Forgetting 7 years of relationship within 7 minute lecture by your parents is simple, but really hard for the person who loves you.

  • Mentioning family pressures as the reason to leave your partner without giving it a second thought is simple, but really harder than managing the same family members to meet your partner when you are in love.

  • Saying "It's over", just because you get attracted to another person may be a female this time, without thinking once about how you and your partner met, is simple, but really hard.

  • Showing your hypocrisy by portraying all your likes in your partner as dislikes to escape from the relationship, is simple, but really hard.

  • Picturing the confusion about your sexual orientation, before leaving your partner and the relationship just to marry another woman/man is simple, but really hard.

  • Changing yourself and your mindset for the sake of appreciation, convincing and adjustments in life is simple, but really hard.

  • Cheating on your partner to complete your sexual fantasies is simple, but really hard.

All of these are simple at that point of time, but becomes really really hard in the upcoming future for both of you. A bisexual person can mention all of them to make it simple and move on easily, but it will be dead difficult for both the partners in the future. Do you know why breaking up with a bisexual partner is difficult, especially for gays and lesbians?

Because, the sexual orientation is the answer itself. Bisexuals can be with both men and women, regardless emotions. Physically, they can be comfortable with either of the genders. But, gays and lesbians have no option than choosing the same sex partners. The situation sounds simple for a bisexual person instantly. But on the long run, it's really hard to handle. Do you really think that a person can be able to handle emotional attachments with both males and females at a same time? NO. And the situation will be worse, if the bisexual partner marries another person. The emotional bundle of love, break up, responsibilities, attachments, confusion and attractions are indescribable. They are simple, but really really hard.

So, bisexuals must take some time and think about their simple reasons they mention to break the relationships. These simple reasons may throw you into some life hardships further. So, before getting committed to someone else just because of people's influences and pressures, take some time and good decision. Try to evaluate the reasons to be with your partner not to get out of the relationship. If not, you may end up screwing yourself, really really hard!

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