It's Simple, but really really hard!

Consequences after breaking up a romantic relationship is quite difficult to imagine. It's always seemed simple for people to utter the phrase called "Move on", but it's not practically that easy. Especially, breaking up with a bisexual partner whom we love to the core, is way more difficult than anything else. Wondering why it's only about bisexual partner? Because, most of the relationships in the LGBT community are coming to an end because of suppression, confusion and unnecessary transformations of Bisexuals.

There is no rule that gays should date only gays and every lesbian should date only a lesbian. In fact, most of the LGBT Indians end up dating bisexuals and plan to settle with them forever because the population of bisexuals in India is more. And the important thing is most of the gays and lesbians hide in closets who can't disclose their sexual orientations. Hence, many of the LGBT relationships revolve around the bisexuality and its Indian consequences.

In India break ups happen not because of misunderstanding, mistrust, and miscommunication. They happen because of societal influences, typical peer pressure, family attachments and many unnecessary, ridiculous reasons which aren't worth enough to mention. This is making people's lives a big mess, especially in the context of dating and romantic relationships. And ask any bisexual person, the reason behind their breakups, 70% of them will mention either it's because of their family pressure regarding Marriage or else it's because of their confusion towards their future. But getting scared about the societal judgments is the main reason.