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It's all about the balancing act of Provoking in your romantic relationship!

Regardless of the annoyance and anger, drastic change is the ultimate result you encounter if you provoke your partner and that change could be positive or negative as it completely depends on how provoking your behavior with your partner is. Generally, this word tilts towards negative tendencies but if you know that balancing act of provoking a person at the right moment, you can have that guilty pleasure of making your partner keep focused on you instead of getting along with various diversions in and around.

Typically, provoking your partner is a wrong move in a relationship but sometimes our phrases and actions may unintentionally provoke our loved ones and make them feel annoyed or disgusted, or disappointed. But sometimes you need to provoke your partner for a good future even though your partner may get pissed off in the present. To know how to balance the act of provoking, you must know how not to provoke your partner by considering the pros and cons of a particular issue or a situation in your relationship!

Nobody likes to accept the bitter truths regarding one's personality. So, if you want to tell your partner's negative aspects directly to his/her face, you need to choose the indirect path instead of being too straightforward. If you say some unwelcoming facts regarding your partner, it surely provokes his/her ego and instead of settling an issue, you may end up creating a new one. So, whenever you deal with an issue in your relationship and when you want to communicate the negatives of your partner and his/her mistake, keep calm and make your partner sit and explain everything. There's a difference between telling your partner that he is being ridiculous on his face than telling your partner that you aren't able to entertain his behavior lately by toning your voice down a bit. You still provoke your partner but instead of an aggressive outcome, things get settled in a calm manner.

If your partner is lazy enough, procrastinates all the time, purposely keeps things on hold to irritate you, or your partner feels too privileged to do nothing, then yes, it surely irks you off and may make you feel like blasting your partner. Most couples compare each other with other couples or other people in terms of personal and professional growth. Comparing is the true act of provoking and no one likes to be compared to other people by one's romantic partner. Sometimes actions do better work than words. Instead of comparing, make your partner live the situation and feel the importance of being active and getting things done to elevate one's lifestyle. Don't say a word, just put your partner in a situation that leads to self-realization. Of course, if your partner gets to know that you purposely throw him/her in such situations, he/she may get provoked but he/she also end up thinking why you do that. Hence, in the end, you get desired change even though it takes time.

Reverse therapy always works in terms of jealousy and possessiveness. Unfortunately, couples can't stay calm when it comes to their partners seeing others or even thinking about others. You can be jealous and possessive regarding your partner but you can never cross limits and make things worse to ruin your relationship with your cantankerous behavior. At the same time, trying to ignore or remain silent when your partner cheats on you consistently with other people, then you need to wake up and survive your relationship if you think your partner still deserves a chance to be with you. Romantic relationships can't be broken off so easily but if you provoke your partner repeatedly, the trustworthy knots may break off soon.

If your partner cheats on you by providing you prior notice and clear about his/her perspectives in being with someone other than you, then you need to decide whether you both truly love each other or not and analyze the mistakes on both sides. If you as a couple cross all these basic communication terms, then you need to apply the reverse formula to get back the proper reaction from your partner even though it provokes and disgusts your partner deeply. If your partner is happy with others, then you can also be happy with others too. Show your partner that you are capable of moving on with other people even though you are in a relationship. Here the situation may get fragile but as the last hope to save your relationship, you must act boldly equal to make your partner come to his/her senses. If your partner reciprocates with jealousy and possessiveness, that's when you get to know he/she got extremely provoked. Even though your partner gets provoked, he/she will surely think about his/her behavior in your romantic relationship and you may get into some negotiations or terms to work the bond. If your partner gets provoked but doesn't respond the way how you expect, then it clearly specifies that he/she is least bothered by your existence.

A person who gets provoked easily and loses one's temper without giving a thought about a situation or an issue, then that person meant to be delicate to handle a relationship. A true partner who wants to be with you at any cost think about the reason behind your provoking behavior and accept the change after that silently without creating a fuss. The balancing act of provoking may give you mixed results, mixed opinions, and mixed decisions, but it always gives you proper clarity and closure to move ahead in your romantic life with your partner.

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