It's all about the balancing act of Provoking in your romantic relationship!

Regardless of the annoyance and anger, drastic change is the ultimate result you encounter if you provoke your partner and that change could be positive or negative as it completely depends on how provoking your behavior with your partner is. Generally, this word tilts towards negative tendencies but if you know that balancing act of provoking a person at the right moment, you can have that guilty pleasure of making your partner keep focused on you instead of getting along with various diversions in and around.

Typically, provoking your partner is a wrong move in a relationship but sometimes our phrases and actions may unintentionally provoke our loved ones and make them feel annoyed or disgusted, or disappointed. But sometimes you need to provoke your partner for a good future even though your partner may get pissed off in the present. To know how to balance the act of provoking, you must know how not to provoke your partner by considering the pros and cons of a particular issue or a situation in your relationship!

Nobody likes to accept the bitter truths regarding one's personality. So, if you want to tell your partner's negative aspects directly to his/her face, you need to choose the indirect path instead of being too straightforward. If you say some unwelcoming facts regarding your partner, it surely provokes his/her ego and instead of settling an issue, you may end up creating a new one. So, whenever you deal with an issue in your relationship and when you want to communicate the negatives of your partner and his/her mistake, keep calm and make your partner sit and explain everything. There's a difference between telling your partner that he is being ridiculous on his face than telling your partner that you aren't able to entertain his behavior lately by toning your voice down a bit. You still provoke your partner but instead of an aggressive outcome, things get settled in a calm manner.