It's all about Hearts, not parts!

This is the all-time mantra of Pansexuality. Generally, come under the plus constraint of LGBTQIA+ community, pansexuals are also considered as gender minorities in the society but indeed these people are the ones who display the major range of falling in love with any person no matter what. Indeed, regardless of the sexual orientations and gender differences, Pansexuals are the only ones who can romantically and sexually engage with any kind of person they like, lust or love. Though the concept of Pansexuality is huge and vast, the stereotypical society always restricts the freedom of choices of such pansexuals by throwing judgmental criticism at them. The basic criticizing scenario every pansexual experience is the taboo of sex!

In the modern era, the taboo remark on sex is gradually diminishing day by day but it is still considered as annoying and weird when a pansexual person has sex with various people regardless of identities and orientations. The principal reason behind this scenario is the concept itself. There are no restrictions on the aspect of sexuality and relationships in pansexuals because they are allowed to get engaged with whomever they like. Unlike other orientations where people get attracted to the same or opposite or both genders, pansexuals don't even consider the gender identities at all. Hence, this broadness made people judge pansexuals as greedy sex foxes and that's the most demeaning one to utter indeed.

Strictly speaking, most of the sexual orientations are all about sexual attractions. Do you think a person commits to another one without considering the factor of intimacy and erotic attractions? Unless you are an asexual, you can't achieve that. Whereas Pansexuality represent the opposite. A pansexual can sexually get attracted to a man, or a woman, or transgender or any person from the queer community. But that doesn't mean, sexual attractions only take part in the life of a pansexual person. That's completely unacceptable.

If a person identity himself as gay, that doesn't mean he should get attracted to every man out there. Similarly, if a person identifies himself/herself as pansexual, there is no mandatory that he/she flirt everyone to sleep with them. Because all orientations are not only about sexual attractions but also emotional attachments. Pansexuality considers the factor of sex but not completely because romantically, this particular orientation demonstrates a wider range of being with people and falling in love with them. The genitals of a person surely don't play a prominent role in Pansexuality. Think carefully. When sex is considered as satisfactory with almost any person on earth regardless of gender and orientations, do you think a pansexual person feels desperate of thinking about the genitals? Unsurprisingly no! Apply simple logic, if you know you can never run out of your cereal, do you still focus on cereal or the ingredients to add to the cereal which makes your breakfast taste better? Exactly, sex is like an ordinary cereal, which pansexuals can never run out of it for whole life because they literally can sleep and fulfill their sexual pleasures with anyone they like.

But, being a human we all require those emotional attachments to feeling better, satisfied and happy. Now, most importantly, consider pansexuals as humans too. They are not sex robots to satisfy every person on earth. Pansexuals choose their partners not keeping their genitals, but their hearts, behavioral patterns and the way their partners allure them romantically, emotionally and mentally. Sex always comes after the aspect of love in Pansexuality too. Hearts are the only filters, that a pansexual person can look up to. Because all the other main constraints like genders and sexual orientations are filterless factors. Like every emotional human being, a pansexual person also seeks a partner who can interest him/her with a unique emotional self and behavioral patterns. Love is almost the same for any person, regardless of any orientation. Hence, Pansexuals also fall in love with hearts without considering the aspect of the genitals of people. Therefore, never lower your lips or questionably raise your eyebrows when someone comes out as a pansexual.

Instead, you must respect the orientation and applaud for the broad spectrum of falling in love with almost any person. Bur always remember one thing, just because the Pansexuality is all about getting attracted to every person regardless of orientations and genders, doesn't mean that a pansexual person cannot select his/her partner without considering other factors like age, looks, preferences, likes and dislikes, etc. It's all about the h