It's all about Armpits!

Are you already feeling yuck? Then you must skip this blog. If you are the person who gets turned on soon after seeing the word "Armpit", then this is for you. Of course, people get turned on sexually and sometimes they feel sexual tendencies from completely non-sexual objects and these particular sexual behaviors are mentioned as fetishes. Fetishism is a concept that comes like an added flavor for fulfilling sexual fantasies and desires. A few people are too attached to these fetishes, that they won't get aroused until and unless they find their particular fetishes around their intimate environments.

Unlike some non-sexual objects, armpits act as an inbuilt bodily fetish for people. Do you know what's the name of getting attracted to armpits or having armpit fetishism? Maschalagnia! Doesn't it sound like something belongs to a macho king? Don't worry, this fetishism is not restricted to a particular gender or a particular orientation. Many people share armpit fetishism as their thing in bed to get turned on to have an intense intimacy.

Having fetishes shows a good sign of sexual health. So there's no bad about it, and there's nothing to feel annoying or weird about it. Every person has fetishes for many things, intentionally and unintentionally too. So, if you get attracted to a person's armpits than his/her face, then it is completely fine to be like that. Fetishes are all about the senses. They include the sense of smell, touch, and taste. Armpit fetishism is all about smell.

A person who has a fetish for armpits, love to smell the armpits no matter what kind of fragrance one particular armpit releases. Some like the fragrant ones and some even like the pungent smelly armpits. Your weird expression on your face is understandable. But that's how fetishes work. They are all about exploring the deeper sides of a sexual desire or an erotic fantasy. A sense of smell is the first thing, any person who has an armpit fetish, look for.

Next comes, the vision of an armpit. You can't smell armpits in pictures or video calls right. Then what if your boyfriend has an armpit fetish, and you are in a long-distance relationship? Many people who have armpit fetishes like hairy armpits, especially effeminate gays and women who like their macho boyfriends. And to the contrary, many macho men like their partners with clean-shaven or smooth looking armpits, like how commercial models armpits look in deodorant advertisements. Do you know some people just jerk off by seeing the armpits of others? Indeed, fetishes are intense.