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It is all about the priorities ...

Isn't it true that you act according to your priorities no matter what kind of situation you are in and no matter whom you are dealing with? Indeed, we all lead our life according to our priorities, including those who are suppressed by their families and surroundings around them, because priorities are unintentional choices we choose to make ourselves and our special ones feel better than regretting later for our wrong choices. If you say, that you don't depend on your priorities then you must be lying to yourself, because deep inside, you choose to say lie than being truthful, which means, your lie has been a priority than bitter truth.

Sometimes, we all feel happy for our priorities and sometimes we regret believing our priorities in the form of impulsive instincts. Sometimes we choose people who are new to us than people whom we have already been comfortable with because our priority would be exploring the newness of a person than spending time with old memories. There is no wrong in it and you don't have to feel guilty about it because it's your priority to satisfy yourself with your experiences. If a person feels bad about his own choices, then that person can never excel in his life. It's not that you are dumping your old connection, it's all about making new connections, including those old ones you always cherish for life. You must respect your priorities and you must go with your gut instincts to follow your heart no matter what, well, only if you feel like choosing such priorities wholeheartedly and not to escape from the reality or an emotion or any other feelings. Because if you do so, then you would be portrayed as an escapist from reality. Make a priority list for your heart, not for your brain.

And also, if you feel disappointed, degraded, disheartened for the priorities people make, then you must upgrade your mindset to get along with the reality check of your life. People have the right to make their own choices. Well, you can't be a constant factor in someone's life for the whole period. If you couldn't make it to your loved one's priority list sometimes, don't break yourself and disgrace your people just because you couldn't handle rejection, of not being a priority for them on that particular day and in that particular moment. Be matured enough to understand people and their choices because, at the end of the day, you may also go against your already-made priority list at some point in life. So, rather than feeling bad about not making to someone's priority, be your priority and try to accept the situation as it is than forcing people to make you as their topmost priority. Understand, that's a pure form of suffocation and can spread toxic vibes to the people around you.

So, this is the case, sometimes your ridiculous decisions lead you to take such sick priorities you could ever opt over a person who loves you to the core. For example, not being there for your loved ones just because you have to iron your clothes, which is senseless and totally out of disrespect. Pressing your clothes could wait a little bit longer, than being there for a person who needs you to talk to them or to see them. These kinds of stupid priority decisions irk your people off and they may make your distance away from them. It could also affect your relationship with them because we always expect love from people, not laziness, disrespect, disgrace, and dishonest attitudes. So yeah, please think about your priorities beforehand and check whether they are serving the real purpose of satisfying you or not.

And to the people who expect much from others, here's the thing that there is no rule that people always have to see you as their priority. Sometimes their sleep is more important that your sweet talks. Your personality could be more important than their health. Your love could be more important than self-love. So instead of feeling disappointed, try to understand them and give them space and yes, if they really want to shower their love, they will do at any cost no matter what and if they don't and they choose everything else than you as their priorities, then understand that you deserve to be someone else's top priority and move on with your newly made priority list to lead your life on your terms.

Simply, follow your heart and make such priorities which you won't regret later choosing them as your priority, because only such priorities will make you stand in a good position in every possible way, be it physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, etc. And do not make such priorities which may hurt the people around you who care you for the most and especially, don't leave them for someone or something, unimportant and useless when compared to them. Listening to hearts is important to have a satisfying life, but your priorities should always uplift you rather than making you struggle alone in life. Hence, it's all about the priorities...

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