Is Monogamy, the only key to enter?

Monogamy is always considered as a pristine form of having a life long relationship with one person and this particular kind of relationship has always been treated as sacred and praised as the ideal form of relationship. Though many religions support maintaining relationships with more than two people, monogamy possesses its prior place of purity and very few can be able to attain it.

Speaking of the millennial era, most of the population strike off these monogamous statements as they perceive love as fluid and not confined to one particular individual. Nowadays, it's hard for a person to end up with one individual for the whole life. People are considering various factors to be settled with one person and in that process, many of them are going through a lot of breakups and failures to meet the right person. Do you think that it is effortless for a person to be with another person for a whole life right from the first sight till the grave? It is totally difficult and unimaginable, but it's possible.

In one way, the ideology behind Demisexuality always specifies about emotional attachments which lead to sexual attractions and further commitments for a whole life. Dating a lot of people, breaking up with them, and ending up with one person is becoming a trend of filtering people to find out the right one. But the prefix of Demi to any core sexual orientation, makes a person think in a bit different way than this filtering process. A Demisexual person hardly throws himself/herself in this millennial filtering trend. Because until and unless they find a strong emotional bond with another person, they don't think about further commitments at all.

This particular rigidness in exploring an orientation helps a person to encounter the correct person without any need for trial and error. The change of ending up with the wrong person in demisexuality is very less and sometimes null. Because a person can't form an emotional bond with every random stranger. Connections are easy, but bonds happen only through efforts and trust. And you only trust and put your hundred percent effort for the person you love the most which helps to form an emotional bond. That makes a couple inseparable and won't allow any of them to deviate from their bond and hence, they end up making a proper monogamous couple.

There is no rule that every demisexual person follows monogamy. Some won't, and some may end up having polyamorous or polygamous relationships if they can build strong emotional bonds with more than one person, but that's a very rare concept. Most of the demisexuals like to be monogamous and be with one person with whom they can share everything. And most importantly, unlike others, demisexuals only feel sexually attracted to the people with whom they, develop strong emotional bonds. So, in this case, the sexual deviations which may lead a couple to break their relationship are zero! Except in the cases of death, miscommunication, and misunderstanding, a demisexual couple can't get separated. If you genuinely have a strong bond with any person, miscommunication and misunderstanding factors are too negligible.