Is Metrosexuality changing the concept of Masculinity?

Have you heard of the term called "Metrosexual"? It isn't any other sexual orientation under the umbrella of the queer community or any sub-orientation which has to do with emotions and interests. This term is completely global though it has first coined to represent a particular set of people in the sophisticated metropolitan society. Metrosexuality is everything about maintenance, appearance, and lifestyle choices of a well-earned, well-mannered, and well-educated person, and in general, we find them mostly in the metropolitan cities of the world.

If you believe, only gays can be glamorous enough in fashion, hair, and makeup, then you are wrong. For a few decades, especially in the late 20th century, the concept of typical masculinity is getting diluted with the introduction of metrosexual men and their glamorous trends, which, indeed, helped people to erase the typical mindset regarding men and their maintenance. For many centuries, women are meant to express grace, and men are meant for toughness. But things got changed day by day, and now men like to explore their gracious personalities. Unlike, homosexual men, the gracious, effeminate, sensitive, glamorous traits of heterosexual men are hard to recognize and realize.

Heterosexual men are always forced to exhibit their masculinity in a powerful, macho, and reckless manner. The typical mindset of a person in society always expects a straight man to be tough and ridiculous, especially when it comes to maintaining hygiene and lifestyle. Even today, many countrymen are supposed to be raw, hardcore, and ridiculously stupid about exhibiting their male egos by dominating women and fellow weak people. And most importantly, they feel taking a shower every day as a useless ritual. How many of you people know such heterosexual men who stink, maintain hairy bodies like cavemen, think makeup and fashion are just for women and gays, consider having a sophisticated lifestyle is a waste of time and money, and most importantly who boast about their masculinity by portraying their unbearable features and toxic personalities?

Thanks to metrosexual men, who changed the definition of masculinity. Have you ever seen a man in a pink suit, stepping into a luxurious salon for a manicure appointment? What are your first thoughts that you get in your mind when you witness such alpha-male with a good body and beard, confirming with a salon receptionist regarding his facial and waxing appointments? Surely, people consider such men as gays without having a bare minimum idea of metrosexuality. This scenario is too judgmental and too corny to conclude a person's orientation based on his charming appearance and maintenance rituals.

So, according to many people, only women are allowed to get their legs waxed, faces filled with Botox, hair spas, manicure, and pedicure rituals. And then come the homosexual men, who are popularly judged based on their effeminate choices of dressing and maintaining themselves. This typical mindset of people must be changed because now it's an era of metrosexual men who are equally maintaining themselves like women and gays. Because why girls should have all the fun?

Metrosexual men are the perfect blend of heterosexuality with metropolitan mindsets. Their social status, financial status, rich lifestyle, a broad spectrum of various sophisticated work atmospheres, job preferences, money, name, and fame, let these heterosexual men feel particular and focused about their appearances and their lifestyle. Unlike other typical men with toxic masculinity, metrosexual men are quite empowering, encouraging, elegant, exquisitely focus on their shopping and maintenance. These men erase the typical traits of a man in people's minds. These men always set trends in fashion, hair, and makeup, and also uplift their metropolitan lifestyle by investing time and money in art, architecture, lifestyle, and even in charity.

If you think only women are the only ones who can be gracious and powerful with their wide range of glamorous choices, then you must meet a metrosexual man who makes you change the concept of masculinity in your mind. For them, masculinity is all about being in touch with their side of femininity, and also by not contradicting their sexual orientations and not compromising their lifestyle choices too!

Metrosexual men are mostly heterosexuals who can embrace femininity by adapting various sensitive choices. It doesn't mean this term is completely confined to heterosexuals. As mentioned earlier, this is a global term. Any person can be metrosexual, only if that person is capable enough to pull the tag by maintaining, according to the elite standards of a metropolitan. Altogether, metrosexuality has changed the concept of masculinity!