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Is it true that we receive what we believe?

If that's true, why there are many people out there behind their masquerades pretend to be someone they are not and act exactly opposite to the personalities whom we believe most every single day? We believe some ethics so that they can drive us towards the betterment of life and we believe in few people, believing that they make a world a better place. But do you think that believing in ethics and believing in people is the same? The believing capabilities of a person are directly proportional to the trust issues of a person. The interesting factor is lesser the trust issues, greater the believing capacities. If you believe a person or people so easily, it indeed means that you have minor or negligible trust issues, which portrays your so-called sweetheart personality. This is when your heart tends to feel broken because of your beliefs and trust in people.

For you, believing in good is equal to believing in people who seem good. If you like a person so much and if somehow you manage to match your wavelength with that person and get connected in a way that you share every single aspect of your life, for a long, long time, you totally forget the concept of belief because your trust in that particular person dominates your way of viewing the whole circumstances around you. Though there is a lot of lust ruling outside in society so freely, you still think that your love and trust in that particular person comes above all the lust-worthy materialistic world. This is how you work, this is how your belief in the good works, this is how your trust issues become null and make you start opening up a lot with any person you feel like connected.

Society sucks with a lot of people who are behind the different masks, people who are brutally filled with utmost lust that they can eat the flesh of people by just staring at them. They are capable of doing anything because they just have your trustworthy beliefs as their protection of all the deeds they do with you, be it good or bad. If what goes around, comes around, why your love gets treated as lust, though you shower all your emotions in a beautiful way? Why your personality considered as a piece of meat, though you have got a name and fame in society? Why your trust gets mistreated, though you are conscious and cautious about yourself and the person you care, like or love? Why you won't receive what you believe, regardless the years of togetherness?

You know why? Because being a human, we believe few other humans, so blindly that even their salaciousness appears to be the utmost decency we could ever imagine. This is how some of our deeds lead us to the foolhardy experiences because after our experiences, we get to know how gracefully we make ourselves fools by believing those pristine masks on people's faces. It is not at all a mistake to have trust, to believe someone and to love someone the way they are. But, the mistake always lies in overpowering all our trust, beliefs and love we have on people.

If you consider god as a Good Shepherd and us as sheep, just keep this in mind that a sheep get sacrificed its life to the same god under the name of belief, here the belief or trust of a sheep on its master is more important than the belief of a master on his god. Because a poor soul's utmost trust gets mistreated to wholly a different extent. Even that sheep would never know that a person who fed it for the whole life, could take its life within seconds. This is how our blind beliefs on any human work.

In this millennial era, we are not sheep anymore. We got brains and we work with them on many smarter ways to lead a happier life. But, many of us getting exploited under the name of trust and believing that we receive what we believe. It happens only with a few people, not with everyone. C'mon, if everything is that easy, why depression is becoming predominant than happiness in a person's life. Keeping faith is totally different from trusting blindly, of course, sometimes, the behavior, the instincts, the care, the protection, the love, every positive thing of a fellow person can make you trust them to the core but that surely doesn't mean you must be prone to heartbreaking situations in the end. Don't you think that even trust has its limits and beliefs must be believed up to some extent? Just give it a thought.

Your personality, your charisma, your open-mindedness, your love, your way of seeing things, your perspectives of considering people, your affection, your transparency, your skills, your talents, your mindset, your likes, your dislikes, your preferences, your orientations, has nothing to do to feel you exploited by the person whom you believe the most, including your kin and kith. Though we know if we believe ourselves can do miracles, sometimes, we don't give a damn to our thoughts, and to the contrary, we do give a thought of believing our closest people. If this can happen on one side, why can't you believe yourself and protect yourself rather than giving a chance to others to ruin you or to exploit your way of seeing life altogether? Your every instinct and your every choice matters to run your life on your terms. Don't ruin it for yourself by believing the fellow human more than he/she deserves.

That mantra of " What you believe, you receive", won't work always.

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