Is it Serendipity or Infidelity?

You know the meanings of both, but do you know the aspects behind these two concepts especially when you wait for someone you desire and also be with someone else in your romantic life? Of course, it's a perplexing situation for any person to be struggling between two different desirable personalities and the world always judges you in a perspective where you would be stuck romantically!

The critical romantic situation arises when you feel serendipitous regularly with the one you want so badly and also treat yourself as someone who is two-timing. So which side do you need to tilt towards and which person do you have to get along with? This question surely troubles your romantic personality and if things go wrong, you face issues with your romantic life too! So dealing with this kind of situation where you end up being right is a hectic task.

Before anything else, you need to figure out whom do you cherish and also must possess a deep thought about what life wants you to choose. If you bump consistently into someone you desire for and deep down if you feel that other person also reciprocates with all the tender drama around, then you must grasp the concept of serendipity where the person whom you like always appears around you in various possible ways and sometimes it may take ages to experience every single appearance but again, if you feel that person is worthy enough to wait, then you must take a chance. Indeed, you feel like taking a chance.