Is it okay to be lovesick?

Yearning for love is something that may disturb you romantically, especially when you feel every aspect of infatuation and attraction regardless of your traits and ethical commitments. When it comes to a few people whose careers are strict enough, whose age always pokes them from inside, and whose surroundings are always filled with rigid near & dear, the question of being romantic becomes a complex task to deal with. Do you know that love has no boundaries and many people from previous eras have proven that point way many times in many possible ways? It is a positive feeling to fall in love with someone whom you like deeply and connect acutely.

When a person feels someone as meticulous, there are chances for that person to beat himself up with all those deeper romantic feelings and get constantly obsessed with the idea of being with that other person in various forms. At this precise moment, even the distance doesn't matter at all and this is how a person becomes lovesick. If you are in that moment right now, you must have surely thought about your feelings, that person, and all the possibilities regarding being with that person. And it is tolerable to ask yourself whether it's okay to be lovesick or not!

Before achieving a solution to this particular question, you need to realize your patterns while being lovesick with your desired lover and those patterns allow you to scrutinize your romantic situation and let you understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

  • You never like to stay away from your lover and always search and sort your schedules to be with your lover no matter what. Here you need to give a thought about your priorities and how you skip your roles and responsibilities to be with your lover.

  • You always try hard to remain in touch with your lover, be it on phone calls or be it meeting every single evening. Here you need to recognize the changes in your timings and the obsession with speaking or seeing your lover.

  • You completely keep your world aside and substitute everything with the person whom you are deeply in love with including the friends you cherish and activities you admire doing. Here you need to observe how a person completely sweeps your whole world with his/her presence in your intimate life.