Is it okay to be discreet in Love?

That diplomatic approach towards your romantic life may make you feel satisfied and happy temporarily but in the long run, do you think your relationship can emerge the way you dream? Unintentionally, you become a bit futuristic when you spend time with someone you desire the most, and finally when you get a chance to explore life with that person, will you be comfortable in keeping that romantic bond as a secret?

A few critical situations may pop up in our lives personally and professionally where we end up choosing the option of managing our romantic life scenarios discreetly even though we don't like that to happen. But if that period gets elongated to farther future, do you think you have the capability to pull off a romantic relationship with your partner by concealing it as a secret to the world? Until and unless you are a spy or a person belonging to the underworld, you really can't pull off this particular romantic situation.

Erotic attractions and intense infatuations may make you feel like accepting the proposal of keeping the passionate bond with your partner a secret but before taking the decision, ask yourself whether it is okay to be discreet in love. Of course, you don't have to let the whole world know about your connections but if you can't introduce your partner to your nearest and dearest, then it suffocates you for sure.

Under many societal norms and influences, people force themselves to remain silent and secret when it comes to their passionate affairs to not affect their careers and family relations. But there follows a situation where you get to choose your partner over the whole world. What will you do? And if you are that person who is willing to allow your desired lover to maintain the relationship secret, do you think your partner will surely choose you over his/her priorities and the world? Well, before concluding this critical romantic situation, pose this question to your partner. If your partner sounds diplomatic, then yes, it is not okay to be discreet at all.

Diplomacy and secrecy have no spots in the frame of love. Even though they come into the picture, you must make sure they shouldn't target your existence in your romantic life. No matter how acutely attracted to your special someone and how deeply connected you feel with your lover, this whole concept of maintaining a discreet mode in intimate life takes you nowhere.