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Is it easier to be angry than to be sad regarding a breakup?

Indeed, it is but practically it never works and never evolves a person to excel further in one's romantic life scenario. Breaking up with loved ones feels almost like losing a person altogether and grief comes into the picture unwelcomingly. If you passionately love someone or even get attached in every possible way, it takes an enormous amount of time for you to get over that person no matter how badly you try to move on. That sudden absence of one's romantic partner after sharing and spending some good memories, the breakup remains a bad memory forever. Psychologically and emotionally, breakups make people not entertain the aspect of physical presence in and around their partners. Be it breaking up mutually or due to various issues or sudden disappearance or even death, that lovely intimate connection slowly gets converted into furious anger or depressing sadness.

We humans can't handle sadness for a long time. Some even slip into deeper depression and may end up in different unpredictable and unmanageable situations. And to kill the inner sadness, we ought to become angry for no reason even though that anger comes out of sadness. We tend to portray the whole situation by considering ourselves as the victims of such breakups in life without analyzing the relationship scenario and the causes behind a breakup. Ultimately, we end up blaming our loved ones without giving a thought to the mistakes in reality.

Anger is always easy to depict and one weapon that can easily camouflage any kind of sadness. Do you think is it necessary to be angry with your ex even after parting from each other with perfect closure, understanding and keeping up with the reality? There is no point in being angry with a person who doesn't exist in your life anymore but typically that becomes the very reason why you always remain in a passive-aggressive mode with your exes because the absence of the person you once loved makes you sad and to cover it up, you feel angry. That helps you to be portrayed as this strong person who doesn't bother much. Strictly, when you remain angry inside, it clearly specifies that you still mourn your breakup and that never pushes you ahead to see life with other people clearly.

Sadness is never recommended. When we lose someone to death, we often get consoled by others not to be sad because the process of digesting sadness lasts longer than any other emotion. It may sound silly, but many of us stay angry with our loved deceased ones because the reality of sadness becomes too much to take. The only way to come out of sadness is to express it aloud and allow the grief to settle down slowly instead of shunning it off by substituting it with anger.

Breakups bring sadness to your romantic life and there are high chances for you to reconsider the concept of romanticism for a while. Moving on doesn't have to do with your forceful decisions by entertaining anger inside you constantly to suppress the sad feelings regarding the absence of your partner. Anger can easily take over you and swiftly make you overlook the reality whereas sadness won't leave you but inevitably develop you to realise the reality. If you want to excel yourself in any perspective of your life, entertain the sadness in such a way that you feel it, express it and get out of it by completely digesting it. Anger simply makes you feel sad constantly even though you can move on easily, can portray yourself as this unbeatable person and can get out of the breakup mourning phase in split seconds.

Instant solutions often don't help you, and they keep reminding your problem in various phases of your life. Permanent solutions are hard to access and process, but they make you digest the whole problem and relieve you forever from that constant pressure of losing someone. It is more effortless to be angry than to be sad about your romantic partner with whom you encounter a breakup in your love life, but anger somehow makes you remember that person forever but appreciating sadness and expressing it aloud makes you move on from that person and allows you to get along with other people in the search of missing romanticism in your life.

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