Is it dependency or individuality?

Which one do you believe mostly when you feel vulnerable enough to your partner? There are weak moments in every relationship where you may feel extremely delicate with your feelings and all you need is a shoulder to lean on. These are the instances where you may also feel doubtful about your strong personality and fall into the trap of a self-dilemma, especially when you are stubborn or egoistic enough to accept your vulnerability.

Not everyone is graceful, diplomatic, and smooth in their relationships with their partners. Some people are bold, straightforward, strong and always try to exhibit their tough side to their partners. Be it sultry or sturdy, every person has that fragile extreme where it can be triggered easily when life becomes hard enough to deal with! Relationship status matters in these kinds of situations because, unlike singles, people who are committed to their loved ones always have someone to support, boost and take them out of their blues easily.

If you are that person who considers yourself unbreakable, then you must understand and make peace with your personality when you emotionally break yourself with ambivalent feelings and emotions in your life. And it is completely okay to burst out when it is needed and it is absolutely fine to allow your partner to console you and lend his/her shoulder to you. Being that strong personality, even though you are in a relationship with your partner, you don't appreciate being taken care of in every possible way but at a few weak moments, you become extremely vulnerable unintentionally, out of love, trust and affection.

After venting your emotions out, unlike others, you may feel extremely foolish and disgusting for being such a fragile person in front of your lover. But don't you think being emotional is a part of a relationship scenario? Then why do you think about the aspects of individuality and dependency after being vulnerable with your partner? Needless to say, one must not lose one's independent character in the process of working out a relationship and at the same time, it is not wrong to be dependent on your partner, emotionally.