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Is it a joke if you aren't laughing? ft. Disclosure Netflix

We all grow up watching television, movies, and currently various web series to appreciate various stories. Fortunately, we don't belong to the eras where puppet shows and dramas used to portray various tales to enable people to understand the story behind a person or city or a situation. Moving images inevitably bring life in a story because of the characters and the roles played by people. Altogether, all characters depict a complete story which allows a person to perceive and understand facts, messages, story of a person or intense movements happened all around the world. There is always a way to portray a particular message to people through movies and shows. Sometimes, they completely fail in depicting a particular message and sometimes they get depicted wrongly and sometimes they portrayed in an extreme opposite way which hurts people's feelings and emotions.

Have you seen any movie or a show or a particular character in a movie, which you completely related to and felt terrible for the wrong portrayal of that character? Have you seen a cross-dresser on screen, being targeted as a butt full of jokes, a transgender character whose personality gets degraded gradually throughout the movie to portray the wrong side of it? Have you ever observed a gay character as a timid personality? Have you noticed a lesbian character in a movie whose gestures and postures get judged in a very critical way? Yes, we all are the victims of watching such irrelevant, impractical incomparable and irresistible queer content on the large screens and many shows!

It's demeaning to portray a gay character as a person who checks out every single man and wants to sleep with him by portraying the lust towards men in an unbearably effeminate way. It's disgusting to see transgender characters getting degraded with a ridiculous message that people must vomit after seeing their genitals. It's unpleasant that a lesbian character is designed as a useless, hopeless, and defenseless woman who is confused and ends up committing suicide. It's wholly meaningless to see a bisexual character as the complete portrayal of hedonism or just restricted to fetishism. Of course, many movies have managed to depict the queer stories in the utmost motivational way, but we hardly see them once in a blue moon.

Daily, in the form of daily soaps, reality shows, and concept shows, we see many cross-dressers and other queer characters. There are many Indian television shows which allow men to dress up as women in a fun aspect. Apart from fun, deep down those characters indeed degrades the value of a woman in society. But people, especially men don't mind other men portraying the roles of women with stupidity by getting into the costumes of women. They find it utterly comic but the real tragedy is they kill the vibes of both a woman and also the queer character.

Some writers expose the queer characters as fun and nothing more than that. The concepts they produce are completely offensive to the LGBTQ+ community. They don't recognize the effects of such concepts on the queer community people. Have you ever imagined how the mindset of a parent changes when they witness the wrong portrayal of a transgender character as someone who is not allowed to live in society? Have you ever thought of how a gay kid thinks about himself when he sees that the characters in the movies are getting degraded or made fun of, for being gay?

Indian society is filled with too many illiterate and ignorant people. All they look up to is fun in every story. Present them a movie with fights and erotic songs, that will be a hit. Any motivational and inspirational flick always get a critics' appraisal, never a commercial success. In such a country like India, do you think to portray the queer character as funny, irritating, demeaning, disgusting, ridiculous, harmful, and dangerous, can help the society to think well about the queer community? Hell no!

Many comedy shows, regional, national and international, constantly try their asses off to depict a queer character as a pool of jokes. Some jokes are completely poor, uncanny, feeble, and stupid. Such jokes may sound funny to other heterosexuals, to our parents, or to our siblings who aren't queer. But deep down, we get hurt because of such wrong depictions and not-so-funny comments, dialogues, and storylines. Seeing such shows with our people, make us uncomfortable.

If you are an openly gay person, you can scream in front of your television and suggest your parents not to encourage such ridiculous shows. What about the closeted people who can relate to the character, but not the storyline or jokes about the character but who can't share with the world? Those closeted queer people have to sadly join with others to clap or to laugh out loud in a fake way, just for validation. Do you know how painful it is doing something when you never dreamed of doing it? It is the same way how a closeted queer person feels when he/she encounters an on-screen queer character which is opposite to the reality and also which is degrading the value of the queer community!

A recent Netflix series named, "Disclosure" has disclosed all such moving images, facts since the '50s till today regarding the evolution of queer characters on screen. In that, a writer asks " Is it a joke, if I'm not laughing?" Of course, it isn't a joke. It's a piece of trash. The queer community isn't a joke and queer people aren't the pool of jokes. Stop encouraging such shows by spreading the word which may help others not to get demotivated with such roles.

Thankfully, there are many movies and web series come up with inspiring, funny in a pleasant way, adorable, lovable roles and stories which give hope to many queer people out there and also thanks to many shows which are inviting queer people to conduct interviews and to let people know their life struggles. Using on-screen space for the correct portrayal of reality is crucially important than anything else because, in this millennial era, people grasp things mostly from the entertainment industry!

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