Is it a joke if you aren't laughing? ft. Disclosure Netflix

We all grow up watching television, movies, and currently various web series to appreciate various stories. Fortunately, we don't belong to the eras where puppet shows and dramas used to portray various tales to enable people to understand the story behind a person or city or a situation. Moving images inevitably bring life in a story because of the characters and the roles played by people. Altogether, all characters depict a complete story which allows a person to perceive and understand facts, messages, story of a person or intense movements happened all around the world. There is always a way to portray a particular message to people through movies and shows. Sometimes, they completely fail in depicting a particular message and sometimes they get depicted wrongly and sometimes they portrayed in an extreme opposite way which hurts people's feelings and emotions.

Have you seen any movie or a show or a particular character in a movie, which you completely related to and felt terrible for the wrong portrayal of that character? Have you seen a cross-dresser on screen, being targeted as a butt full of jokes, a transgender character whose personality gets degraded gradually throughout the movie to portray the wrong side of it? Have you ever observed a gay character as a timid personality? Have you noticed a lesbian character in a movie whose gestures and postures get judged in a very critical way? Yes, we all are the victims of watching such irrelevant, impractical incomparable and irresistible queer content on the large screens and many shows!