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Is having too many choices a gay dating threat?

If you are that constant dating player in the market, you know the answer better than anyone else, even though you deny accepting the reality around you. Agree with it or not; the queer community has been blessed with way too many options in terms of dating by considering people from various orientations, identities, roles and preferences, especially after things drastically became liberal and flexible. Nowadays, the authentic flavour of dating is getting diluted because of people's commitment issues towards their partners, which constitute a threat.

You may stay least bothered about this particular dating threat specifically when it doesn't affect you personally but there's no guarantee that this may not victimise you. If it happens to one of your gay pals, it may happen to you too because of the feasibility of an easygoing dating mindset. So, instead of striking it off when you get to know that some random gay couple broke their paths off just because one of the partners feels that there's a huge availability of other people in the dating market. Hence, one must address this petite-looking serious issue to strengthen the dating standards in the community, and it happens only when you don't follow the stupid motto that says "there is plenty of fish in the sea."

Yes, comparatively one can find many gay partners easily through various dating-turned-hookup apps but deep down everyone knows how those apps work and for what purpose people utilize them. If it is sex that keeps you intact with your dating scenario, then you must alter the way how you work romantically, personally and psychologically because after some extent, things become toxic and there's a huge chance of you losing the zeal to consider love and relationship in your romantic life.

Before anything else, a person should maintain the clarity of one's purpose of dating. If it is a meaningful romantic relationship, you look for, then you need to stay focused and committed instead of giving up on romantic bonds while facing the heat of the post-honeymoon phase. In this world full of gays, it is facile for any person to find a person to have sex with but it is pretty difficult to find someone who not only makes love but introduces you to the definition of true love. But being humans, we incline towards easy things instead of working towards difficult ones and that's the exact reason why these dating apps are booming with the constant increase of 'users'.

That mindset of giving up on one's relationship or partner because of the excessive availability of people in terms of dating takes you nowhere because you may lose a good relationship altogether by assuming that you could find someone else with the same romantic intensity. In the heat of the moment out of some silly arguments, couples tend to behave aggressively against each other which drives them towards others especially when the dating exposure is eminently feasible in terms of availability.

Too many choices represent too much dilution that causes a person to compromise one's dating ethics. Until and unless it is necessary for you to come out of your relationship because of the toxicity and lack of compatibility, you must never lose your partner for reasons you can easily workout through and set your relationship on track again. Instead of repairing the crack of a bond, people tend to replace the whole thing which indeed means starting over from the scratch by not having enough knowledge about both expectations and disappointments.

The gay dating scenario remains effortless if you don't think about getting into serious commitments because casual dating is all about enjoying sensual fun but if you start looking for a true romantic relationship, you will understand how complicated it is to find someone who truly understands and gets along with you. Regrettably, this is the harsh truth. If there's a tremendous availability of people in the dating scenario, it must be easy for people to find true love through romantic relationships but the scenario is the opposite because people feel being available sexually is easier. Do you perceive the reason behind this messed-up equation?

Yes, it is having too many choices in the gay dating spectrum. In those so-called dating apps, one can find the mixed crowd of closeted gays, exploring bisexuals, people who are confused with their orientations and identities, open gays who think open relationships with no strings attached is a prime option, and gays who don't like labels, homosexuals who are homophobic, gays who don't have basic knowledge of queer terminology, people who don't get the concept of old school romance and love, people who particularly look for sex but nothing else, people who don't even why they have enrolled themselves in gay dating apps and most importantly people who exist because of the easier availability of people for having sexual fun. So, do you think finding your true love in this diverse crowd is a sane option by giving up on your special someone with whom you are in a true relationship?

Work on your issues properly, address your clashes and try to patch the cracks of your bond by investing time and effort in something meaningful instead of trying to restart your dating scene by taking advantage of having too many choices in the gay community. Realize this threat and try to conquer it as hard as possible so that you won't fall into the trap of such choices or get left out as one of those choices.

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