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Is being hedonistic, a reason for the recreational bisexuality?

If you google for the word hedonism, you will go mad in exploring the dark world of a hedonistic person, because it's all about gaining pleasures regardless of the pain and unfortunate consequences. Simply, a hedonistic person is the one who loves to get sensual pleasures under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and the party environment. Hedonism can be treated as a way of life by some people who are beyond open-minded and careless about further consequences of theirs and others' lives too. Altogether, a person who seeks short-term pleasures than long-term relationships!

You must be wondering what this has to do with bisexuality? No offense, but there is a closeted bisexual tribe, which is completely based on hedonism. Unlike homosexuals who get attracted to either men or women, bisexuals get attracted to both men and women. But most of them are closeted. Unfortunately, in India, very few of them came out as bisexual. There's another view for this closeted approach too, some people don't feel like coming out as bisexual, because for them, bisexuality is just a phase of exploration of carnal pleasures. Indeed, more like a recreation!

Have you ever been denied or rejected by a man after accidentally sleeping with him, after a huge concert night under the alcohol effect? If you are gay and if you have accidentally slept with a man and came to know that person is a bisexual but he comes with a simple excuse by saying "Sorry, it's just happened because of excessive booze" and strike off the whole night with one statement, yes, you met a recreational bisexual.

No sexual orientation can be treated as a recreation. But, unfortunately, the opposite always exists; like for and against. Some people treat the orientations as recreation. Bisexuality is one of those flexible orientations, which allow a man or woman, easily shift from one person to another person, like one man to another woman. Some take it as a challenging part of the reality behind sexuality whereas some take it as mere fun. Closeted bisexuals are more prone to portray their bisexuality as a recreation because sincere bisexuals are the ones who never degrade the value of their orientation.

Recreational bisexuals are more heterosexual and less homosexual. Bisexuality is a blend of both, hence according to a few studies, bisexuals are segregated based on their tilting mode of sexual orientations towards homosexuality and heterosexuality. So, if you have to consider this particular bisexual tribe under the regular bisexual tribes, then these recreational and hedonistic bisexuals belong to the heterosexual-leaning bisexuals. Yes, many terminologies included in bisexuality. More flexibility, higher the misleading terms!

This doesn't mean hedonism is a misleading one, but at the same time, it is not at all recommended too. This is a concept which must be handled exactly like parking your vehicle at your own risk. You want to sleep with someone under booze and drugs, then you must face the consequences which may affect your personal, ethical, social, and financial aspects! But do you think recreational bisexuals, can bring happiness to others, especially the people who keep trust in them in a blossoming relationship?

The answer is a huge "No."The answer is a huge "No." Recreational and Hedonistic bisexuals are primarily heterosexuals who likely to get sexual pleasures from homosexuals under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and yeah sometimes trance music festivals too!

These are extremely bisexuals who never miss an opportunity to hang out erotically with same-sex partners but they never get along personally and emotionally with them after receiving or giving sexual pleasures. No orientation is all about sex, but the basic line of any sexual orientation remains the sexual attraction towards another person. This particular bisexual tribe follows the basics more than anyone can! They know when to begin and when to end, of course, the period is barely a night or so!

You can find them in music concerts, private parties, gay festivals, lesbian carnivals, and also in dating profiles with a "No-strings-attached" phrase with a display picture which includes a glass of wine or a whiskey peg. So, if you ever bump into them or just get into them unknowingly, try not getting emotionally attached because they can never fulfill your emotions. It could be a different night for you, but for them, it could be the same night with numerous partners under the name of recreation.

The answer to the title is "Yes"! Hedonism is all about seeking sensual pleasures and recreation is all about relieving out of stress. Both of them can be fulfilled with Sex, which can give pleasure by relieving the stress. And exploring one's bisexuality with easily available homosexuals (no offense) is one task this particular bisexual tribe is good at. Who can resist sex under the intoxicated moods created by alcohol or drugs? Hence, this enhances a recreational activity, especially for closeted bisexuals to get physically engaged with homosexuals around!

A request to all such recreational and hedonistic bisexuals, when a gay or a lesbian or a fellow open bisexual find you naked beside them, don't deny the intimate engagement or at least don't try to make a fool out of yourself by throwing guilt on intoxication. Just accept the reality and let your partners know your closeted bisexuality. If you don't want to maintain connections, tell them in their faces instead of hauling them forever to use them as a mode of recreation. Finally, if you want to experience sexual pleasures with the same-sex partner, search for the one who looks for the identical thing you are looking for. Because that will not degrade the value of bisexuality! Hope you understand!

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