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Is Asexuality, a genetic dead end?

It's completely an erroneous belief and to all the asexuals, if someone asks you or bothers you regarding your reproduction process, be prepared to bang them with you savage answers. Because it is important and it is high time for you to speak up to defend yourselves against all these statements. The research says that most of the asexuals are prone to face this particular statement because of the non-involvement of sex part in the life of an asexual. But, does that mean, it is an end for a person to lead his/her family further?

Simply, a big No. Do the people say the same thing to all the straight men or straight women who are infertile to reproduce a child to continue their family tree in further generations? Surely no. They just either blame the work culture or the choices of the millennial era. Simple! Why there are a lot of biased opinions between the regular straight community and the queer community? Because people don't understand the real concept of every sexual orientation that comes under the queer community.

Unlike other sexual orientations, asexuality doesn't work the same with the concept of sexual attractions. Some may try sex, some may enjoy sex and some may never have sex in their whole life. There are many types of asexuals, but everyone seeks the same thing, a person who doesn't force them to have sexual attractions towards others. That's the main aspect of being an asexual, isn't it?

A genetic dead-end happens only when a person is unable to reproduce directly and indirectly or becomes infertile to expand his/her family tree. But, in this technological millennial era, do you think that the genes of a particular person come to an end? Until and unless, a person purposefully takes a decision not to have his offspring or to have children in his/her life, the genes of a person never come to an end.

Most importantly, genetic dead ends never happen because of the sexual orientation of a person, but because of the decisions taken by a person. It can happen in any person's life. For suppose if a straight woman doesn't want to have children in her life, her genes can never get transferred to another human being, which means, that's a genetic dead end. Likewise, if a bisexual man becomes too infertile to reproduce, though he is sexually active and decided to have a child with his genes, then it's quite impossible and leads to a genetic dead end.

Hence, it may happen to any person belongs to any orientation. If you think an asexual can never have a child to raise, you will be mistaken forever. Asexuality is all about not having sexual attraction and surely not about having no children to take their genes further. There are many ways to give birth to a baby, nowadays. There is no need for having sexual attractions or having sex to have a child with one's genes. There are methods like surrogacy, IVF, and many advanced medical processes that give the best results in having a child with genes of an asexual person.

Stop treating, asexuality as a genetic disorder or some mental disease. Not having sexual attractions, surely showcases the mental attributes of a person, but if you observe the fact, that's a mature decision to take even though they know the other side of having sexual attractions. Indeed, it is not a decision, it is a default condition of being an asexual. Like how homosexuals attract same-sex people, like how bisexuals can see both men and women, similarly, asexuals attract to others emotionally and romantically but not sexually. It is as simple as that. Hence, showing pity, giving ridiculous suggestions to see a shrink and asking them to wait for the person who may change the dogma of their orientation are portrayals of stupidity.

And also to make things clearer, asexuality can never become a reason for a genetic dead end. Asexuality encourages people to make babies and families spend their lives happily like everyone else, even though the constraint of sex, plays a zero role. You must keep this simple fact in your mind, a sexual orientation always urges a person to be happy by searching the roots of happiness in one's life. That is how people from the queer community come out just to make sure that they live happily and lead a life on their terms. And this applies to, asexuality too.

So, do not upset an asexual person by spilling these kinds of statements. Understand the concept of asexuality. To all the asexuals, speak out if someone tries to degrade you and your orientation because if you don't stand for yourself, do not expect others to stand for you! So, be happy and make some babies to lead a happy life by extending your family tree with your genes and also don't forget, that adoption is still a bright option for you to choose and to give a proper life, to an orphan in this endless world and especially in the pool of a huge population of India!

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