Interesting ways to celebrate this Pride Month with your Queer gang!

Celebrations become more cheerful if you spend time with people and explore the world out there in every possible way to collectively evolve together, especially if the time exclusively signifies something to you as a queer person. Regardless of your closeted status, if you belong to the queer community, you get blessed with many queer people around if you know how to connect and socialise. If you are an extrovert, the level of celebrations goes predominantly crazy by involving your queer pals. Attending parties, getting sloshed and dancing still your feet hurt is a common way to celebrate, but a few things must be included to make it more interesting!

  • June is the month that acts as a bridge between summer and monsoon and what's the better time to plan a group trip than a pride month where all your gang can go gaga without limitations. This is the month to open up, explore and expand your queer personality. If you have a queer group that always parties together every Saturday night, you should skip those weekend parties and plan for a trip where you can be "en masse" for a whole week. The best part is, no matter wherever you plan, the trip cost becomes affordable because of the number of people involved. Also, plan for a place which no one in the group has explored and also the queer-friendly so that it feels new yet safe!