Initial Emanation..!

It was 19:05 on 4th April 2019, where I have reached New Delhi Station in AP express after a burdensome travel for 33 hours from Visakhapatnam. I could have taken a flight, but I was on a budgeted trip and I couldn't afford to pay too many extra bucks for my extra baggage around 30 plus kilos. I am this sick traveler who travels huge. A typical Gay Fashionista who is inseparable from his apparel and accessories.

New Delhi Railway station oozing its patriotism

During the travel, My so called Grindr and Planet Romeo profiles was buzzing like mad and got hell lot of hot fire taps. People who use these apps can understand it. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. It has been literally 10 years since I have uninstalled the Grindr app. I didn't know Why I even installed this app before starting from my home. May be I wanted to have some sex adventures and exciting stay during the much needed trip after a heartbreak with my 14th boyfriend. NO JUDGMENTS for having a count on them.

I have courted my cab with too much luggage. I have been getting too many messages attached to unnecessary filthy dick pictures which I haven't asked for. Suddenly, one message notification popped up saying "You are a poison, I want to die for". I have opened it again. Out of too many lame texts which says hello, age, place and likes, I felt that particular text was a bit interesting one. I have answered sarcastically saying that "I don't like people dying for me". He replied by asking about what I was up to. And soon after I said I was in a cab and heading towards Saket, he asked me to stop the cab and get down. He insisted me to court his car so that he could drop me at the destination. I said "NO". He was stubborn about it, saying that he wanted to buy time for me to know about me. As I was already running late to meet my ex boyfriend, I have denied him. But, I have promised him that I would meet him over a coffee the next day.

Guess what happened then? He Vanished and there wasn't any text from him till I left Delhi. This first online encounter of mine gave me a vibe that I shouldn't expect anything from Delhi-tes. My initial virtual encounter has literally given me the content I was looking for. It was like adding few toppings for my previous perceptions about the scenario.

Feeling bad to write about the gay scenario in Delhi saying that it's all about " Fuck and Forget"- the only rule which is ruling in gay dating arena.

Universal Policy for random hookups

Talking about Radar in Delhi, popularly known as Gaydar.

There were at least 20 profiles in range of every 5 km in Delhi. Most of them weren't open about their sexual orientations. I think decriminalization of Sec 377 against Gay sex in India hasn't actually inspired those people to come out of the closet to lead the colorful life. Of course, it isn't necessary for every individual to come out of the closet.

But the reason behind stressing about this topic was I felt a lot of hypocrisy in people's mindsets. They were fucking desperate about sex, but at the same time, they used to feel awkward when others talking about it openly. I found that after stalking and scrolling many profiles in all gay dating apps.

"Experiencing the gay scenario in Delhi was quite depressing, disappointing, irritating and disgusting". said few visitors.

Well, I was collecting the information from people who has visited Delhi for the first time and experienced all the sexual drama . Fortunately, I have already visited Delhi in my 19 for a fashion seminar and ended up with an Italian in his suite at Oberois. I was in a relationship with a Punjabi back then though. But, this 6 years of gap has literally escalated the gay lifestyle aspects in Delhi in both good and bad way.

Are people from Delhi done with criticizing and passing judgments on me? Just because I was rude above, didn't mean that I have overlooked the positive side of Delhi queer scenario. I was cut throat and clear about the negative aspects of the gay lifestyle.

Our positives will be elevated in an outstanding way when we convey our negatives first.

Accepting negatives and spreading the positives is the best way to celebrate the freedom of Love.

Talking about Capital City, it consists of lot of diversified cultures and provides shelter to people who migrates to set a life there. This busy city accepts everyone who stop here to fulfill their dreams. Being a South Indian, who came here to check out the gay scenario, I got a blended lukewarm response here. I met many walking disasters and a few meaningful souls too. People loved my complexion and have flirted with me like anything to just get me into bed. Yes, I got a lot of racial compliments. My bold, open, straightforward mind has attracted many hot guys in Delhi. They wanted to meet me, but not in Public places. 80% of people who have approached me wanted to meet me in between the four walls because they were kind of afraid that people might judge them if they sit, talk or walk with me in public. People have their own way of dealing dating life and their own ethics.

When coming to these dating ethics I'm fucking fussy about the timing, meeting strangers, approaches which lead me to bed in the first meet. I don't know why l never feel comfortable sleeping with a person without analyzing him at all. Yeah, it was a different scenario when it comes to me, being an ex-elite escort back then where I had to push myself sleeping with so called sexually hidden business biggies. Whatever, as I have mentioned earlier, I got a good response in Delhi Gay Community sexually and emotionally from beginning to end.

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