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Inescapable Queer signature statements you witness during Pride month!

June isn't just the end of the summer but indeed the month of colourful celebrations all around the world that marks the existence of queer community among the world's population. Queer people of various identities and orientations including queer allies who are heterosexual binary people, come together to celebrate the sacrifices of queer people from history who sparked revolutionary change after fighting against all odds. Hence, this month is crucial for every queer person to embrace the significance with love, respect and passion.

Needless to say, queer people are flamboyant enough throughout the year but they elevate their queer statements to a better level during Pride month as a part of enhancing awareness in addition to celebrating queerness. Like how festivals of various religions and regions possess their flavour of celebrations, the queer community also spill some typical queer statements the world can never miss during Pride month except in those parts of the world where queer people's existence gets treated as illegal. On the brighter side, many nations celebrate pride month with their queer population in many possible ways that spread positive vibrancy and togetherness among people.

  • Rainbows dominate the hot summer skies of June every pride month. Wherever you go, you encounter rainbows of all sizes from social media emoticons to huge billboards that represent the vibrant moods of queer community.

  • Including the national flags that fly high in the sky in almost, every country, the inclusive presentation of the queer community in the form of a flag that depicts orientations, identities, ethnicities and indeed the complete portrayal of queer community of the whole world. One can witness these flags everywhere not only at pride parades but also at corporate workspaces, hotel chains, and of course at the abodes of every queer person because it's a typical queer signature statement.

  • Speaking of parades, they are one of the most historic aspects to mark the celebrations of pride month in every nook and corner of the world. World's population surely witnesses the fanciest and most crazy queer celebrations through pride parades that are arranged, managed and hosted by community members of various queer groups from various cosmopolitan, metropolitan and smart cities of countries where queer people are accepted and celebrated wholeheartedly. Indeed, there's no pride month without pride parades.

  • Unicorns are one of those queer signature statements every queer person sport and flaunt in the form of clothing, accessories or just toys because they are fun, charming and magical enough that precisely defines a person's queer life. The queer community is all about spreading love and joy regardless of hurdles and hatred.

  • Special queer segments in clothing brand stores, special pride month discounts at cosmetic stores and exclusive collections for queer people in the form of various merchandise specially launched as limited editions by almost all brands are some of the perks of Pride Month celebrations that allow every queer person and queer ally to flaunt their queer signatures through those colourful queer add ons to their lifestyle and fashion scenarios.

  • The creativity levels hit beyond skies during Pride month because all the artists from various industries especially from fashion, hair, makeup, pop, music, photography, cinema, books, literature, etc. release their Pride month launches as the form of their contributions to the community and also to celebrate their queerness through their creative work.

  • The queer inspiration factor moves and motivates all the queer people around especially when too many queer tales come out in the light during Pride month as many of the closeted and open queer people share their stories with the world. This particular queer signature statement develops broadened perspectives and open-minded perceptions that inspire even the ignorant ones.

In this modern era, where people conceived a notion that says virtuality dominates reality; the current generation tries not to fail at embracing the reality that happened decades back when the foundation for the acceptance of queer people took place at Stonewall. No matter how forward people are becoming these days, the queer community emerges strong out of wounds even though they get displeased daily due to judgmental criticism and micro-aggressive patterns from others, queer people never stop celebrating their existence, their queerness and most important their pride in being themselves. So like every pride month, the world must witness every single queer signature statement because it should appreciate the power of being queer and how the queer population from the queer community has an impact on the whole world in every single aspect.

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