India's first Queer Independence Day!

India has celebrated its 73rd year of Independence this year and it was really special for the queer community of India. Because it was the first Independence day where all the people from the queer community has involved as complete citizens of India is accepted legally by the government and the whole society. The people from the LGBT community of India proudly celebrated the Independence Day of the country in a full-fledged way.

After the verdict of section 377 which was released on 6th September 2018 regarding the decriminalization of homosexual intercourse in the country, the scenario has changed from null to something. Because the sex between a homosexual couple is no more illegal and not treated as against nature after many years of struggling. The struggle was indescribable and this all just happened because of all those activists who put their career on the edge and fought for all the people of the LGBT community of India against all odds, ruthless comments and annoying people.

That's how a person becomes independent. It needs a lot of struggle to live independently and peacefully. And when a whole country strives for it, imagine how intensely difficult to get independence from ignorant minds. It's never less than a battle. Indeed, we all are breathing happily because many people died in the middle of wars fighting against cruel rulers. Likewise, to live peacefully and happily in this society with our orientations, many queer activists have fought in every possible way with many ignorant mindsets of the country. At last, we made it by making ourselves accepted for our existence and our love towards each other. We fought for acceptance, we fought for love, we fought for equality, we fought for humanity, we fought for clarity, we fought for respect, we fought for ourselves and our orientations, we fought for our queer independence.

Struggling for independence in a country like India is very difficult and hence we took a lot of time to become independent even though we had many strong freedom fighters in the nation. The reason is the population and various cultures, traditions and importantly various mindsets. Some wanted to follow nonviolence and some were furious towards oppression, hence ended up in violence. But at the end, India got its Independence in 1947 and the queer community got it's in 2018.

That's not same with Queer Independence. Because this movement was not against the people outside India. The movement was in the country and against most of the people who weren't in a position to accept the concept of homosexuality. After many Pride marches, many articles, many dramas, many enlightenment activities, many emotional and physical sacrifices, we got a relief of a subtle amount of Queer Independence in India. Now in India, being homosexual and having intercourse between a same-sex couple is normal and no one can question about it.

Since the last quarter of 2018, the queer scenario in India is quite booming and we got to see many people coming out of the closet. Now, many people are leading their lives in a way they love to live. That's progressive and that's what Independence is all about. Freedom and progressiveness are more important for any country, state, community or a person to excel wholly towards the betterment of the future.

Villages are the foundations for any country. They are the initial steps for any cosmopolitan country. But we always ignore them by considering them as a backward society just because they are into agriculture. Let us start educating the mindsets of people in villages who aren't aware of the concepts of Queer. People in villages are also humans and there exist several homosexual people. Due to lack of knowledge and proper guidance, many are getting confused and ending up convincing themselves for difficult futures. That shouldn't happen. Progressiveness can be started from the basic levels. Educating the young mindsets of the country can be truly helpful for the progressing community. Many people in India, are still not aware of the basic terminologies of the LGBT community and the sexual preferences of people. Hence, they are becoming ignorant day by day.

We have completed one whole year of our Queer Independence in the country. Instead of cracking sex jokes on the date we got the independence 6th September (69), let us embrace the date by acknowledging and recognizing people who fought against all odds and actively participated in the equal rights of the queer community in India. Enough of celebrating independence by throwing bashes and partying with drag queens every weekend. Let us make an initiative of spreading some awareness in the pillars of our country, Villages. Sharing knowledge leads to freedom and independence. A person can live on his/her terms, preferences and will, if and only if he/she is well known about his/her personality and the society around him/her.

Let us make our first Queer Independence day momentarily memorable by taking an oath of educating and enlightening people who aren't aware of the LGBTQIA+ community. Yes, the stream of sexual orientations is very deep and intense and people hardly give a damn about listening to your words. But don't give up. Be confident about you, your orientation and your initiative of empowering the community by making the society understand the value of the LGBT community because at the end of the day, we all humans must live together in this world by making it a better place! Hope you will be with you further to spread the awareness of YOU as a part of the LGBT community of India.

Happy 1st Queer Independence day! 6th Sep 2019.

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