In this dominating world of sex, what if a person is demisexual introvert?

No matter how happy you are with your personality, deep down, we all struggle with some kind of problems and we invest our forever time to seek solutions to rectify those problems. Personally, a person's personality problems are more important than anything else, because they reflect the mindset of a person. Demisexuality is one of the sub orientations to all the core orientations. This means, a person can be gay and demisexual but unlike other gays, he can't get into every random person physically until and unless he found an emotional connection with a particular person. But, what if the same person is an introvert? Have you imagined such a person or have you ever encountered a demisexual introvert? Yeah, it's quite unimaginable, to sort that kind of personality to go out there and explore one's orientation!

First of all, if a person says that he/she doesn't want to have sex with random people or with anyone else, instead of understanding his/her orientation or preferences, we become philosophers and give lectures about finding a true person who can make him/her crave for sex! This is a human tendency, by default, we think that everyone should sleep with each other to satisfy their sexual pleasures. But in the case of a demisexual, sex comes as the last point of approving a relationship.