In the trap of Love...

The word Trapped itself seem suffocating, isn't it? The weird fact about humans is, most of them enjoy being suffocated under the name of Love! What if a person purposefully wants that suffocation? What if he/she craves for it, especially from totally undeserving and completely unworthy people? It is sort of demeaning the emotion of love. Though, love can be sometimes considered as suffocating, it allows a person to breathe in a few necessary alluring moments.

Relationships are weird and people can easily fall into the world of others, by some grand gestures and some ridiculous filmy adoptions. If you ever had a break up in your life, try going back to the memories and start ruminating how did you meet the person from whose life, you walked out from! You feel weirdly funny and frustrating about your choices and especially how you felt being trapped by someone's fake expectations, faux love, opportunistic gestures and the motto of using the emotional and physical side of yours.

In most of our lives, we might have felt trapped with at least one single person, that one single mistake we can never forget. In the criminal history of many countries in this world, most of the crimes have occurred because of Love. Love for name, love of fame, love of money, love for the wife of the boss, love for dead lover, etc. Being trapped in the world of love, we humans commit mistakes and also accept mistakes from others, which can be toxic.

A person completely looses himself/herself when he/she feel trapped intentionally or unintentionally. You may wonder, who wants to get trapped by the toxicity of love? But there are some people who love getting prone to the danger zone of love, especially the people who gets habituated with the oppression and controlled by their faking loved ones. Habit becomes addiction and addictions make a person to lose one's control. If you are addicted to one's love or one's lovely oppression, you still feel the same, the feeling of being loved.

If a person finds out the reality of being trapped in the love, after knowing that, he/she led a false love-life with a person who act completely different from the initial days of love, emotional trauma hits that person to the deepest core of his/her feelings for sure. There are many chances of slipping into depression. Now, a small question for all the people who feel trapped or people who came to know that they were trapped by someone who doesn't deserve them at all. Do you think that you need to handle the tragic side of love one more time by thinking about a person who trapped you with fake emotional love? If you think about the past, you feel like a dead person. You can never undo something or change a person to make you feel loved or boost others to do something which they can never.

Sometimes, breakups can be the best solutions for a person to come out of the emotional trauma or to even skip it. Instead of tagging along with a person, who just see you as an object or a slave or worthless, it is better to know your worth after getting away from that person. Rather than getting addicted to the toxicity of love, it's always better to take a dose of self love which eradicates and cuts the venomous nature of loving a person who tries to trap you always with confusion, possessiveness, insecurity, doubting, disrespect, and disgusting fake love.

Trust your instincts if you ever feel trapped because you can never wrong about yourself. If you ever get a second thought in your mind, always recheck and rethink about your relationship. Because, if everything goes well, you never get a chance of giving a second thought to a person whom you love. Trust is the basic aspect of love, but sometimes, too much trust on a single person, make you lead towards the path where you feel all alone and trapped. All you have will be a dead end in the form of forceful commitments, which never bring happiness to the person who trap and the person who gets trapped.

If you truly love someone, you will never feel trapped or stuck or suffocated or congested. Instead you feel like giving endless freedom to the person whom you love to make him/her excel and explore things in life, which blooms in your love-life indeed. In the trap of love, one should never lose one's self happiness and satisfaction. Because, that gives right to another person to disturb your inner peace and harmony. Love visible fine at any point of time, if you keep telling your heart that it will be fine, no matter how much sadness you are going through.

If you ever get into the trap of love, always remember to search for the ways to walk out of it and never give another chance to the same person with whom you feel trapped to trap you more. Cut all the strings that are attached for the sake of your freedom, wellness and self love.

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