In the trap of Love...

The word Trapped itself seem suffocating, isn't it? The weird fact about humans is, most of them enjoy being suffocated under the name of Love! What if a person purposefully wants that suffocation? What if he/she craves for it, especially from totally undeserving and completely unworthy people? It is sort of demeaning the emotion of love. Though, love can be sometimes considered as suffocating, it allows a person to breathe in a few necessary alluring moments.

Relationships are weird and people can easily fall into the world of others, by some grand gestures and some ridiculous filmy adoptions. If you ever had a break up in your life, try going back to the memories and start ruminating how did you meet the person from whose life, you walked out from! You feel weirdly funny and frustrating about your choices and especially how you felt being trapped by someone's fake expectations, faux love, opportunistic gestures and the motto of using the emotional and physical side of yours.

In most of our lives, we might have felt trapped with at least one single person, that one single mistake we can never forget. In the criminal history of many countries in this world, most of the crimes have occurred because of Love. Love for name, love of fame, love of money, love for the wife of the boss, love for dead lover, etc. Being trapped in the world of love, we humans commit mistakes and also accept mistakes from others, which can be toxic.