In heat of the moment at 404..!

"Can you take the remaining partial payment regarding my room?" I asked to the receptionist.

"If you insist, then Yes, you can pay the remaining amount sir. Can you specify me your room number"? Asked the receptionist.

"It's 404", said the guy who gave me a peck last night and ran away.

I couldn't stop laughing at him since then. He has sort of sensed that I was laughing because of the last night kiddish thing.

I have completed the payment and handed over the keys for room service. I told him that I would be returning in the night. That was kind of the last day of my trip in Delhi. I have gotten ready to hit the shopping streets of Sarojini Nagar that day.

I bid a bye to both of them and left. It was Sri Rama Navami that day. After a lot of exploring and roaming in Delhi, I have decided to get back to the hotel to pack the whole luggage and all the stuff I have shopped in Delhi. I have kind of habituated of collecting few snack items from 24Seven store every night. So, that night also, I have collected a Paneer Rice bowl and few cokes.

I have returned to the hotel that night bit earlier than any other previous nights. The guy whom I refer as "Chotu" was kind of shocked, indeed surprised. He rushed towards me soon after I stepped into the hotel. While collecting the keys from the receptionist, I could see people murmuring and smiling at that hotel boy's face. I have noticed it and sensed something weird. Chotu came with me till the elevator and asked me whether I would need some help to carry the shopping bags.

We have entered the elevator. To divert his looks and that contagious smile, I have asked him whether he had his dinner or not. He surprisingly told me that after 9 days, he had the dinner in a good way. I was kind of startled and asked him that why didn't he have dinner all these days. It seemed that because of Navratri (9 auspicious days), he was fasting in the nights. That was so sweet to know. I gave a smile and suddenly my hands went on his cheeks in a pampering way.

It was 3rd floor and I had to go to my room. He escorted me till the room and like the other day, he opened the keys and placed my shopping bags on my bed. I felt a bit nostalgic with few events with my ex boyfriends because they also used to do the same for me. Then I asked him for the Prasad(food offered to the gods and later distributed to the devotees). He sarcastically said "If you vanish in the morning and come in the late nights, Prasad won't wait for you Sir". I laughed at him. He asked me whether I had my dinner or not. I said I got it from the 24Seven. When I opened the bag, I found that Coke tins were missing. I realized that I forgot them at the store itself.

As he was in my room, I have requested him to provide a bike so that I could get my coke tins from the store. 24seven was nearer to Hotel Clink. Chotu has told me to calm down and he asked me to come with him on his brother's Activa bike. We reached the downstairs and he requested his brother for the keys and took me out. I asked him to keys to fulfill the pleasure of riding in Delhi Nights on the shimmery roads of Mahipalpur. He just smiled and gave me the keys. We went to the store and collected the coke tins. I finally did it. I drove on the roads of Delhi. I was on Cloud nine. He asked whether he could hold my hips while I was driving. I agreed to it. He just wrapped his hands on my waist and didn't do any creepy stuff.

Before stepping into the hotel, we have shared few smokes. We smoked around 4 cigarettes and was laughing at each other's jokes. It was fun hanging out with him that night. His Hotel Manager has found him with me and asked him to get inside the hotel. He answered him that he would walk me till my room. He was very reckless to his manager.

After reaching into my room, he told me to have my food peacefully. He also requested to attend his call in the night. I had my food. I have packed my whole luggage. I was sweaty enough and I have been just in my briefs. I took a cool shower and crashed in my fluffy hotel bed. I was in deep sleep and suddenly my phone was ringing. It was an unknown number. I forcefully dragged myself towards the phone and picked it up. It was Chotu. He told me that he was coming to my room. I found it weird, but I also wanted to check off the box on my lust list. So I told him to gush in, without ringing the bell because I didn't lock the door.

I was in my boxers and slept under the thick quilt with full air conditioning in a cozy way. I didn't want to move from my bed and I just needed someone with me. He knocked and came to my room. I have turned on the lights and asked him to close the door. He got me a water bottle. That was sweet again. I should have just said thanks, but my inner lusty soul kissed him on the cheeks. He again smiled and said that he felt good. The rapport has escalated to another level within a few days. I have mentioned him that I was going to check out the next day. He sadly said that he was going to miss me and again requested me to be in Delhi for a few more days. I strictly said I couldn't. I had to be stone hearted. I rushed to my luggage and took one of my tees from my trolley. It was a Sky blue round neck tee. I gave it to him and told him to keep it as my souvenir. When I was about to ask him to try that tee in front of me, he sort of interrupted me by hugging me tight. He loved that tee.

He looked so timid, but he hugged me very tight. I was in my boxers and I could feel the warmth. In that heat of the moment, due to the fluctuated breathing, I kissed him. I locked my lips with his and it was intense. But somewhere, I was feeling awkward and totally wrong. I didn't want that the box in my checklist to be ticked because of him. I hardly kissed him for 5 minutes and I said I had to grab some sleep. I have disappointed him, though. But no one's disappointment could crash my comfort levels. I have insisted him to wear the next day.

The next day, in the morning at 11, I have called the reception and requested them to send hotel boys to help me out with my luggage. HE and another guy has reached my room and knocked the door. I have opened the door and felt happy. Because, he was wearing the shirt I gave him. I have booked my cab and he helped me with all my heavy luggage to get into the cab. I took a selfie with him, hugged him one more time and bid a bye!

Some relations must have limitations for each others wellness. Sometimes, we need to stop few instances at a few moments to shape them up with goodness instead of guilty. We had a good time. His attentiveness and amiableness has attracted me. I could sense his intense care towards me. I didn't want him to get troubled with his feelings later. We rode on a bike on Delhi roads, we shared a cigarette, he carried my shopping bags, he got me water and medicines, we cracked jokes and many memorable things. Over sweetness sometimes leads to bitter experiences. Hence, I cut the sweetness with just a kiss. I didn't have sex with a hotel boy and it's still has to be fulfilled.....