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If it is sad, then it must have been pretty wonderful!

The title is about life in the span of a person's love or a relationship. Unfortunately, love is the one that breaks your heart and it throws a person into the pool of sadness which may take ages to recover. Goodbyes are hard to handle, and breakups are pathetic to get along with but on a brighter note, those ends lead a person to some beautiful beginnings. But human tendencies make us not accept the facts but act extremely different to process the sadness.

Do you know why you feel sad when you lose someone you love the most? It's not because of the ends but because of the beginnings and happenings that reach a person to such tragic ends. Be it misunderstandings, miscommunication, external influences or even death, the story of love becomes intensely grievous when it comes to an end but if you are a person who has celebrated every feeling and appreciated each emotion during the whole span of committed, responsible and genuine love, then instead of feeling downhearted, open your heart up to look at the journey you took all the while to reach the end where you currently at!

See how you have grown up to someone who could fall in love with someone, see how that someone has evolved by being with you, see how you both have flourished your feelings to be together, see how meaningful the whole relationship started to become, see how beautifully you carved yourself individually, see how charmingly you made your partner swoon over you with all the love on earth, see the results of your intense love (be it adorable kids, splendid careers or elegant lifestyle), see how you developed all those results by putting your efforts in each other, see how your love started waning out, see how your relationship started to fall apart, see how everyone else has reacted for your love, see how your well-wishers always wished for something deserving, see how the spark in your relationship has vanished altogether and finally see how the little light left in the whole darkness of your love.

Ruminate every single moment of your love life with a particular person and the moment you reach the end, you get to realize the ecstatic moments you spent all the while and that's when you notice how beautifully you have spent that particular relationship with all the love, even though you know it is all going to be ended real soon.

That little light could represent a ray of hope to relive the love life with the person or people you love the most or it could be a sign of pain that you end up carrying for your whole life by losing the person or people you love and keeping them in your deepest memory. If it is a breakup, then you feel sad whenever you think about the person with whom you fell head over heels in love in the past. If death separates you from your loved ones, grief comes over and goes only when you digest the fact and move on with all the memories in your heart. If mutual decisions cause you to encounter the ends, then you need to keep up with the choices you made earlier including those inevitable upsetting feelings of regret and guilt.

All these ends remain depictions of sadness and it is completely fine and humane if you feel sad because if you become emotionless then it specifies that you have never lived the life in your love authentically but if you feel sad, then your love life must have been pretty wonderful with unforgettable memories, deepest attachments, intense sentiments, immeasurable emotions, indeed a whole roller-coaster ride with all the highs and lows, good and bad days, right and wrong choices, and everything. Try to celebrate it by perceiving it from a broader perspective instead of getting succumbed to sadness by narrowing your life.

Your love for your romantic partners, friends, siblings, parents, children and everyone who's connected with you through various emotions of love comes to an end one day in various possible ways. It is a sorrowful thing for sure, but if you feel it, be proud of yourself for how wonderfully you lived in the span of all those various kinds of love!

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