Ideas at IKEA...

They say right, " There's no place like home". When you add a tint of love to your houses, then you can have a beautiful home. Some people look for beautiful places while some make places beautiful. Our homes reflect our personality and they tell the story of the place through your collection. Many people love collecting items which befits their personalities and to leave the signature statements of their own persona. It is not easy to get things which we love and to decorate the whole place according to one's own wish.

Who doesn't like decorating one's own home into a beautiful place to make every single moment in it prettier? Many of us love to decorate our homes by adding every possible thing for furnishing whole home into a cool place to hang out. But as I said, a collection of all furnishing items that suits a personality of a person is one of the difficult endeavors. But Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd (IKEA) made it easy for the people in the whole world to furnish their houses to transform them into lovely home abodes. This Sweden furnishing company has every single solution for furnishing dilemmas. IKEA made the task of collecting all the furnishing items easier by exhibiting it's self made easy to assemble furniture.

This Swedish furnishing heaven has finally come to India with it's maiden name in last year and successfully launched its stores in four metropolitan cities in India, say, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. I have literally taken a day aside to visit the IKEA in Hyderabad. IKEA at Hyderabad has claimed to be one of the largest IKEA stores in the whole world with an expansion of 4 lakh square feet. It was too huge that I couldn't be able to see the corner of the store. The exteriors and interiors of the whole store were quite indescribable. It was a heaven of furnishing items ranges from a spoon to advanced wardrobes.

Being a Shopaholic and Interior appreciator, I really desired to visit this place before leaving Hyderabad. And finally I have planned to visit this place on the day I was about to leave the city. That was the best morning I have ever had in Hyderabad. Witnessing the huge space outside and inside with all the perfectly structured, created and assembled furniture in one place was like a dream.

That day I was starving like anything. So, I started exploring the food stop on the second floor. It was one of the poshest food courts in Hyderabad. The sophisticated structure and the modern food routine were like extra features for IKEA Hyderabad. I have ordered for freshly made raw vegetable roll and a Coffee which can be filled for unlimited times. The filling theme was really good attempt to make people stick to the food courts for a while. The IKEA food court was not only restricted to providing healthy International and Indian recipes, but also expanded itself as a work space for corporate employees around the Tech hub of Hyderabad. I could see many delegates working in the food courts while enjoying their cup of coffee. Many food items were available in IKEA like pastries, rolls, baked items, Indian recipes in the form of various vegetarian and Non vegetarian combos.

Live kitchen was also one of the attractions. Those professionally dressed up Chefs in the kitchen were warm and welcoming. One could strike a conversation with them to have Chef's Choice to eat and taste over there. The scenario of the food court was quite western and the self servicing theme urges visitors to collect their dining requirements to set their own table. Talking about tables, there must be around more than 50 tables and hundreds of chair capacity in the huge space of the food court. The air conditioned space looked brighter with different kinds of lighting and the interiors have amazed me to the core. They were indeed promoting the furnishing products in the food court because I recognized them when I viewed some of the pieces downstairs.