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I'm ubiquitous but I abandon you when you need me the most - LOVE...!

Love! This word transmits both delightful and tragic vibes synchronously. Because it is unique and exclusive in every possible way. The emotional constraint of this word is enormous and acquiring it wholly is one impossible thing. It's available universally in every creature, but in humans, it can be clearly expressed. Don't you think that's a boon given by God to humans? But he plays tricks always and sometimes makes us feel this particular feeling of love, a curse too. Traveling towards love is one unending path with too many hurdles and too many resting places. Sometimes, the path may be filled with soft petals and sometimes with thorny bushes. It depends on how human travel in this path facing all the heartwarming and heart-wrenching situations. The alluring fact is, throughout the journey, the fragrance of love has its omnipresence, it's just sometimes, we observe it with our senses and sometimes we can't because of our senselessness. But it always exists till you reach your destined depot and if you think that your journey is over, you will be wrong. The love odyssey has been always endless, it's the humans who always end it up either being tired or ultimately satisfied.

Do you have any clear idea about how this sacred feeling of love which can hug you, but also can throw you to the wolves and abandon you on the streets? It's both harmless and harmful. It's both positive and negative. It's both right and wrong. Unfortunately, it's both good and bad. And all these healing and paining traits of love depend on the person who you choose to shower these feelings. Do you agree with this crystal clear fact of being in love? You must, because we humans are both fortunate and unfortunate enough in the aspect of dealing with the feelings of LOVE!

Love is everywhere and in everyone, if you discern it undoubtedly, but sometimes we feel the nonexistence wholly, no matter what. So, is it the feeling of love or you or the person whom you love? Whose mistake is it? Well, we humans are good at blaming the feelings, not the person who is responsible for those feelings and the person who can control those feelings. Do you know why love is both helpful and hazardous at the same time? Why a person always falls in the same trap in the aspect of feelings of love? Why most of the time, commitments ended up in breaking paths apart?

Because, humans consider love as a habit, as a routine, as a weapon to cherish the person's movements, as a feeling to escape, and as a deeply immersing factor in life. How many times have you ever taken someone as totally granted and engaged yourself too much into that person? Take a long breath and count. And also count how many times have you ever faced feelings of getting apart when you took someone for granted or when someone took you granted. Has the count been exactly equal to the number of breakups? Agreeing to this or not is in your mind and please don't play with your mind. Now, do you still blame the feeling of love? Or blame yourself or the person whom you loved or love?

Love is one precious thing that can be handled with the utmost decency and extreme care, always. And we humans also treat it as the same only to some extent. Soon after we are sure and confident about being stuck with the feeling of love and assume that it would never leave us, we act differently. Unfortunately, feelings are fluid. They take the shape of the container. You take good care of them, they protect you and you take them for granted, they abolish you. Simple!

About true love, you fall in it with a person by scrutinizing every single aspect which drives you into that person unconditionally and undividedly. If the feelings are mutual and intensifying, you make a good pair with the person you love the most than anyone else in the world. At this particular moment, the feeling of Love, makes you feel that it is ubiquitous and you can see everywhere around, inside you, inside your partner, inside everything which involves you and your partner. That feeling is fascinating.

If that feeling grabs distraught, your love can be withered away soon. Due to some external feelings out of imbalance of love or some hazardous emotions like possessiveness, insecurity, jealousy, overpower, misunderstanding and miscommunication, the very same sacred love which extended its support to you all the time, will leave you just like that and it abandons you when you needed the most.

Don't you think you need someone to guard you when you are attacked by unpredictable, unexpected and unnecessary feelings? But at the same time, do you think that you deserve someone in the bad state of yours where you already might have created a havoc in the life of yours and the person whom you love? Give it a thought and you see yourself as unworthy of such sanctified love. It might be you, it might be the person whom you love or it might be anyone, when an impregnable emotional bond gets attacked by such hostile feelings, love abandons us, no matter what and that's how the feeling of love rule the life of humans.

It's everything and it is also nothing because that depends on you. Self-love always helps a person regain his position to be loved by someone or to love someone other than him if he ever got abandoned by the feeling of love. And when you get healed by the power of love, you can again feel it everywhere. Life always gives us many chances until we get better, unlike us, love can never give up. It just tests you with its hurdles and pampers you with its elucidations.

Big fat thanks to all my readers and viewers of! This is my 200th blog and it's special to me working towards love regardless of orientations and genders. I feel this blog so related to my life and too many love stories of mine. I too have experienced, love as ubiquitous and it also abandoned me many times when I got stuck with some negative feelings or when someone threw me in their negativity. It happens to everyone, but never lose trust and faith in love. Because it does the same with you, it never gives up on you. We, humans, are responsible for our every action, emotion, and reactions too. Not love. Understand it and treat love as love, nothing else. Love Love !!

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