I always knew you were Queer!

Have you ever met someone capable of sounding the word "Queer" as a word of an embarrassment or annoying thing to describe? More than half of the population don't know the terminology and can't understand the sexual orientations. Hence, with their silly half-knowledge, they spill such demeaning and devaluing phrases that make any queer person feel uncomfortable, especially when a queer person come out for the people around him or her or them for the first time!

Sexual orientations are inescapable and impenetrable. Though you are closeted enough, the close people of yours always have a bare minimum idea of what you truly are. So, never assume your parents don't know about you. It's just some parents wait until you come out and some parents pretend they don't have an idea just to make sure they suppress your feelings and a few parents forcefully take decisions on behalf of you before you do something they never want you to do. Yes, we do have a lot of segregation of people when it comes to accepting a queer person in society. We have the good ones, bad ones, and the worst ones too!