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How you must "not adjust" in your romantic relationship!

Strictly speaking, a romantic relationship is something that shouldn't be considered as a business transaction or a commercial contract but unfortunately for most people, it's just a give-and-take policy with materialistic factors like money, name, fame, sex, and unfortunately 'Love'. Generally, everyone suggests any couple get adjusted with each other in every possible way so that the relationship would long last. According to a few situations, a couple must get along with their relationship to make it work better, not for the sake of society, responsibilities, and bodily needs. Don't you think a person must not lose one's individuality and self-esteem to one's relationship and one's partner under the name of a romantic relationship?

Adjustments start when a person starts taking a relationship as a societal attachment that needs to be worked out to follow the societal norms. But if a couple keeps adjusting themselves for every minute reason, they lose the zeal and passion towards each other and the relationship would lose its charm and everything becomes paler and tasteless. Do you want your romantic relationship to emerge as a burden or suffocation? Well, to get rid of such a state, you need to know how not to adjust to a few terms of your relationship.

Don't peep into the concept of 'not adjusting' so much and consider it as a blunder. It is not, and it indeed elevates the fragrance of romance between two people. It also doesn't mean you need to fight over everything and it is not a competition to win over your partner. Adjust with your partner but do not adjust with the situations where the aspect of romance cannot be seen.

  • Be selfish about what you need from your partner.

  • Make sure you get satisfied and remain happy by your partner's side all the time.

  • Never restrict yourself in speaking against your partner when you don't receive the deserved attention from your partner.

  • Force yourself to initiate the changes if it is necessary and always make sure your partner realizes the void and gets along with you to make things better.

  • Shower love every single day in terms of gestures, not baseless words and useless gifts.

  • And when your partner showers love for the sake of being with you sexually, stand for yourself and oppose the pattern.

  • Devote space to yourself for your self-growth and also allow your partner to do the same thing.

  • Do not procrastinate on regular dates, vacations, and getaways because of your grueling schedules.

  • Consistently fight with yourself in keeping the spark in your relationship and make it look alive, not lifeless.

  • Stop considering the number of years of your relationship and think you are old enough to be romantic. There's no age limit for romance. Period!

  • Do not adjust for punier things, small talks, and small conversations. Spare time for your relationship particularly and invest in your emotions to make your bond stronger, not to increase your bank balance.

  • Stop expecting things that are out of your reach and league. This starts when you try to fulfill each other's small expectations without facing disappointments. Do not adjust yourself for bigger disappointments.

  • Do not adjust to your partner's patterns because of his/her issues. Talk it out and sort it out together to clear issues and start fresh every significant day.

  • Spend with each other as much as possible without adjusting yourself with your lower priority schedules.

  • You shouldn't be adjusting when you don't feel love, care, affection, and passion from your partner. Your authentic feelings are fundamental and if you don't feel romance in your romantic relationship, then do not adjust for dullness. Make sure the vibe is always ON.

  • If regular sex sessions are getting too much for you, have sex at least once a week. Do not adjust or restrict your sensual feelings just because your partner can't make time for sex. Urge your partner to get back to his/her sexual moods to keep your relationship fresh.

  • Kids and Career choices shouldn't become barriers to your relationship. If your partner specifies these as his/her reasons for not being with you, do not adjust because no matter what you must be his/her topmost priority. But yes, you need to acknowledge a few situations too. You can't ask your partner or spouse to be with you all the time when his/her presence is much needed somewhere else. Your partner doesn't have to be beside you to fall in love with you every second. Distance never matters. Just make sure you both are into each other emotionally and nearer to each other psychologically.

If you do not adjust to these deviating patterns that dilute the concentration of your love in your passionate relationship, everything remains the same and you end up having a beautiful relationship together. Every so often you need to be strict enough to set things right on track and this shows your commitment towards your partner and your relationship. So 'do not adjust'.

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