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How to use Splits in Sex!

First of all, it is to be noted that splits are not everyone's cup of tea. If you aren't flexible enough to spread your legs to 180 degrees or at least 140 degrees, then you are the wrong person to try this extreme flexibility in your intimate life. So, instead of messing up your sex session with your partner, learn how to do splits through yoga or body exercise components because this will help you to use those learned splits in bed with your sex partners.

Sex is all about being adventurous, excited and experimental. In this millennial era, people are loving to blend two things in one, like yoga and sex. Sex is a physical contact that makes two bodies entwined in each other to attain the sexual pleasure out of it. Hence, physical involvement is much needed. Only Yoga and Body exercising can shape up the physical appearance of a person, which includes making a person flexible enough. And, sex with people who are with utmost flexibility is the best one. Do you think that all the adult entertainment actors entice audiences just with their genitals? No, indeed their flexibility in using their genitals to penetrate each other attract people!

Well, splits can be used as the main component in some sex positions. There are two types of split sex positions: Cowboy Splits & Elevated Splits. Regardless of the genders and orientations, any flexible person can practice this intense and advanced sex position. But, there is a twist. A person who receives the penetration must be the one who is flexible enough to split his/her legs. This clearly says, all the men who penetrate their partners, need not be flexible enough like their partners to perform these positions. So, you must be fortunate enough to get a partner who can spread his/her legs to the complete 180 degree angle.

Hopefully, you all are aware of the Cowboy sex position, which is one of the famous and basic sex positions where the person who gets penetrated rides the penis of his/her partner. Well, the same concept is extended by including a split component in the sex position, which finally makes the "Cowboy Split sex position". According to the gay couple sex, a gay top must spread his legs a little wide apart by facing the ceiling to welcome his partner to ride on his manhood whereas a gay bottom must completely spread his legs apart by managing 180 degrees angle and sit on his partner to ride sensually by inserting his partner's penis in his warm butt hole. This is the same with straight couples and lesbian couples with a strap-on.

The gap which is created by a gay top can be helpful for his partner to ride without getting messed up. But the gap which can be created by a gay bottom can be used to extend his thigh muscles and to relax the anal muscles which indeed helps the butt hole to spread so that the penetrations can be smoother. As this sex position can be performed on a floor or couch or bed, a gay bottom can bend his legs a little bit if he feels extreme pain in his thigh muscles, by maintaining the angle. This sex position is all about facing thighs opposite to each other by splitting legs. Most of the couples can give it a shot to experiment with this sex position because of the less rigidity in maintaining the angle.

But, it's not the same with Elevated Splits. If you are a gay bottom and you want to enjoy your partner's manhood and the penetration by splitting your legs, you must be completely flexible enough to maintain the angle till you can hold. This particular sex position can be performed on the edge of a bed or a couch or a dining table or any brink or slab at your home abode. Because edges always help a person to maintain the angle perfectly and also allows a person to hold himself by placing hands as support. Elevated means being away from the floor and hence, this is the reason why this sex position cannot be performed on the floor.

In this position, a gay bottom must split his legs for 180 degrees, so that the butt can be spread wider and allows for the smoothest penetration whereas a gay top can stand stiff straight by placing his hands on his partner's shoulders or else wrap around his neck for the perfect hold of the position and penetrate deep in the butt hole of a gay bottom. Yes, this is one of the difficult, intense and advanced sex positions. So, if you are only flexible enough to perform it, then you can go for it. If not, there are hundreds of sex positions to try!

Usage of lubes and condoms can make your sex sessions smoother and safer. Take your muscle fitness into consideration while performing these two positions. In cowboy splits, partners face opposite to each other and as hands would be free during the penetration, you can use them to entice or hold or as a support. Gay bottoms can reduce their pain constraint by kissing their partners while penetrating, this may also help your partner feel hard all the time. In elevated splits, the partners can't face each other, but they can use their hands to run over their bodies as a part of foreplay and try to kiss each other to increase the intensity of the sex position.

Pro-tip: To all the gay bottoms, I suggest you perform split exercises for at least twenty minutes before planning to experiment with these positions with your partner. Be wild, be adventurous, be experimental but mainly be you!

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