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How to plan intimate indoor dates with your queer partners...

Are you a queer couple who recently moved in together? Are you a couple who are in a relationship for years getting bored with each other, but try to spice the bond a bit? Do you want to surprise your partner in your home abode with love, intimacy, and sensuality? Are you always excited to try new things in your relationship when it comes to dating? Then yeah, you don't have to step out and spend loads of money on vacations, resorts, and hotels, instead you can try various kinds of indoor dates which can make your relationship flourish like a fresh blossom!

Why do you have to deck up fashionably, only when you step out? Why don't you dress up as if you are going out for clubbing? Looking at each other's raw faces all day long in pajamas and boxers makes a couple feel lazy and over-granted for each other. To get back the spark of your initial days, you need to behave like a new couple. So, if you think that your relationship is walking lazily in between you, then it's high time, you need to plan a proper indoor date in your balcony by placing two chairs, one table, two glasses of red wine with white sauce pasta, lavender candles and just dress up freshly and spend a night by having your favorite food and making conversations under the moonlight by feeling the warmth of the candlelight!

When is your last time you hang out with your partner on your couch watching a romantic old movie or any series together? You surely have a favorite song together which reminds you of the saplings of your relationship, are you listening to it, nowadays? For working couples, all these things are a little too much to work on? But don't you think so, these little things matter to refresh your relationship? Spare some time for yourself. Get some popcorn. Stick to your couches. Put your remote aside. Play a romantic movie and enjoy every single bit of it by just embracing the cozy vibes. Go to your favorite spot in your home. Plug in a pair of earphones and share it to listen to your favorite song. Isn't it easy enough than stepping out and dancing to club music with hell a lot of people surrounding you?

Are you a couple who is fond of indoor games like playing cards, caroms, chess, etc. Instead of tagging other people, have you ever tried competing with each other as two different individuals? Have you tried giving intimate, sensual, erotic, and exotic challenges to your partner if he/she loses in the game? Well, then you are missing a lot of fun. Sometimes you don't need people to come over to your place to have fun. You can become a whole huge crowd with your various tactics, tantrums, and talents. Be a seductive challenge to your partner. Who knows, those indoor games may transform into hot bedroom games in the form of wild sex sessions?

Cooking and having your favorite dinner in your home are common. It includes every couple's routine. But have you surprised your partner by just wearing a cooking apron and nothing else to cook his favorite food? Have you ever served her by being naked and flaunting your curves and flats as extra garnishing for your lovely recipes? Try it. Entice your partner by cooking and serving naked. Don't feel shy and don't hesitate whether your partner may judge you. Sometimes you need to be slutty enough to give life to those dried up chords of your relationship.

Decorate your shower room or washroom as your bedroom. Fill it with flowers, scented candles, bath salts, fresh aroma. The foamy bathtub, fresh towels, incensed fragrance, those flowing petals in the tub, every single effort of making your washroom look strikingly beautiful helps you to revive your relationship. It's not only sensual but intensely romantic and let your partner understand how much effort you take to create such an ambiance and how much you want your partner to be with you romantically all the time. Don't rush up to shower sex directly. Pamper yourselves. Embrace the fragrance around you. Give your partner a hot shower and let him/her rub your back with a soft loofah. Splash the foamy water on each other. Have fun like little kids end up in bathtubs. These moments make you cherish your youth and get back to your old romantic moods.

You live in a home together. You are aware of every single inch of your place. If you get addicted to hanging out outside, you won't appreciate those walls and you become different people soon after stepping into your homes. Make your walls get habituated romantically looking at you. Let your couch sense your cozy vibes to feel the heat after you get up from it. Let your washroom always feel shy and jealous of your intimacy, but still feel happy about the fragrance you fill it with. Let your balconies feel like they are the sophisticated restaurant spaces, letting you feel loved. Let your plants gossip about your romance. Finally, make your bedroom wait for you eagerly to witness your sensual and intimate lovemaking sessions.

What are you waiting for? Plan together or surprise your partner with these various kinds of intimate indoor dates that spread those fresh love vibes in the air. Don't you want to feel that freshness of your relationship welcoming you every single day?

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