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How to have intellectual intercourse?

There are many things in this world which we assume that they never exist but those very things pop up to prove humankind wrong! If you are capable enough you can explore the 3/4th water, which exists on earth, but you can never explore the complete intelligence of a person. Now you may wonder, how this information is related to having intercourse? Well, for some people intelligence is the mainstream erotica to experience an orgasm and those are Sapiosexuals! You must have heard about these people already if you bother about appreciating every aspect of the world. It is okay if you have never heard of this term too. Maybe your intellectual capacity didn't entice any sapiosexual to approach you till date.

Sapiosexuals are the people who get sexually attracted to the knowledge and intelligence of a person. The aesthetic talents or skills of a person are the main aspects that attract a sapiosexual person. This isn't a core sexual orientation but can be categorized as one of the sub-orientations, which supports a person to filter out his/her partner from one's core orientation. A person can be homosexual and sapiosexual and that particular person won't feel, emotionally and physically connected to everyone and only gets attracted to people who are intelligent enough to hold a conversation about any interesting, weird, and annoying topics.

Sapiosexuals believe in intellectual intercourse. For them, the presence of the mind is critically significant than the presence of the body. A graceful nude body can't seduce them better than a clustered and complex mindset with various theories in a person's mind. And only sapiosexuals are capable enough to enjoy intellectual intercourse. Of course, these people also get attracted to naked bodies but to have a sexual connection, these people must explore the intellectual side of a person deeply. If you are a sapiosexual or if you want to be a sexual partner or a dating partner or a life partner to a sapiosexual person, you must know how to feel orgasmic through penetrating each others' minds and mindsets.

Sex is all about satisfying one's sensual pleasures through engaging each other physically and exploring the intimate connection between each other. Intellectual intercourse also includes the physical attraction and connection between two bodies but here unlike other couples who get aroused by seeing each other naked, sex with a sapiosexual needs intellectual arousal. Does your partner get aroused when you talk about space science or peculiar animals on the planet or about anything you always excited to share with him/her? Though these topics are asexual and aromantic, the knowledge, curiosity, and eagerness to learn the perspective of one's partner make sapiosexuals sexually attracted to their partners.

With sapiosexuals, you don't need to seduce them by sensual moves, sexy lingerie or erotic positions, hold his hands, make him sit beside you, and start talking about something your partner likes to hear from you. If your partner is a feminist, your deeper views on feminism can make him/her fall head over heels for you, and the next minute you may expect an intense physical intimacy. Having intercourse with a sapiosexual is all about speaking one's mind and one's views on various topics in this world. All they require is that intellectual connection to get aroused to have a sexual connection.

If you are ignorant or if you don't like expressing things out, then you can never be with a sapiosexual. You don't have to match the views of a sapiosexual to get into him/her sexually. These people don't mind facing the contrary views of their partners. All they desire is a person who can reflect his mind to the core and come up with conclusions for a particular topic. Confidence, boldness, attitude, sometimes even intellectual arrogance can turn on a sapiosexual person.

All the bodily or physical efforts, a person make to entice a sapiosexual, just remain as extra add ons for intercourse. The main element is your brain and the thoughts in your brain regarding a particular aspect. Don't brag about something you don't know or don't act as if you know everything especially if you don't know something that your sapiosexual partner is talking about. They can easily catch you by posing a tricky yet silly question for you. If you don't know something, please do accept it and ask your sapiosexual partner to elaborate it further. This particular trait of opening up for accepting knowledge, from the other person acts as an attractive trait for a sapiosexual person.

So, besides relaxing your anal and vaginal muscles to experience intense sex with a sapiosexual, you must also relax your cerebral nerves to let your partner explore the intellectual side of yours. Unlike demisexuals, you can have sex with a sapiosexual person on your first date, if you can impress that person to fall for you with your immense knowledge, with your tactics and intellectual tantrums.

The basic element you need to have intellectual intercourse with a sapiosexual person is to know how to hold a conversation and explore the deepest strings of a particular aspect by encountering unlimited conclusions, theories, and galaxies of information. Because this element can open up a sapiosexual person to feel comfortable and aroused in bed to have an intense physical connection through sex!

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