How to have intellectual intercourse?

There are many things in this world which we assume that they never exist but those very things pop up to prove humankind wrong! If you are capable enough you can explore the 3/4th water, which exists on earth, but you can never explore the complete intelligence of a person. Now you may wonder, how this information is related to having intercourse? Well, for some people intelligence is the mainstream erotica to experience an orgasm and those are Sapiosexuals! You must have heard about these people already if you bother about appreciating every aspect of the world. It is okay if you have never heard of this term too. Maybe your intellectual capacity didn't entice any sapiosexual to approach you till date.

Sapiosexuals are the people who get sexually attracted to the knowledge and intelligence of a person. The aesthetic talents or skills of a person are the main aspects that attract a sapiosexual person. This isn't a core sexual orientation but can be categorized as one of the sub-orientations, which supports a person to filter out his/her partner from one's core orientation. A person can be homosexual and sapiosexual and that particular person won't feel, emotionally and physically connected to everyone and only gets attracted to people who are intelligent enough to hold a conversation about any interesting, weird, and annoying topics.