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How to handle your body-image boyfriend

To be specific, you can find many gay men, obsessed with their bodies more than required, and to step into their world or having them in our lives, is simply a crazy idea. Guys generally love to maintain themselves to look strong, charming, and attractive to others, physically. But some guys are complete body freaks. Everything in and around them revolves around bulking up or shedding down or stabilizing the muscle growth, just to make sure they are physically attractive. Gym rats, bulls, jocks, bunnies, and some bodybuilding obsessed twinks are the categories of gay men who fall under this typical kind of gay boyfriends who only care about their body image and nothing else.

Except for newbies in the gay dating scenario, no one likes to have such kind of people in their love life. But what if you fall in love with a person who used to work out daily for being fit, gradually transforms into that typical kind of body-image boyfriend? It's love and sometimes it's hard for us to leave our partners just because they transform into someone else under many influences. But yeah, we can still make them get back to their senses and their real self if we know how to handle them properly without encountering the extremes.

If you sense your boyfriend is talking more about shaping up the body than shaping up a lifestyle or your relationship, then you need to control him instead of encouraging by doing nothing. Sometimes your silence can make your partner go out of your hand. Your boyfriend must love YOU, not the dumbbells and gym sessions. There's always a limitation, for any kind of ritual. Alert your boyfriend if he is hanging out in gyms excessively.

Learn how to explain things to your boyfriend. If you tell him directly that he must stop doing gym all the time as he is getting obsessed as a gym freak, then he may take it as offensive. Always put your words in approachable and appealing sentences. Use the emotions of love, aggression, anger, protectiveness accordingly to make him understand that he must chill out a bit.

Does your boyfriend always step into decathlon stores or just hang out at the sportswear section whenever you go shopping? It's good to have perfect workout clothes but don't make it as a monthly ritual. Instead of just dragging him out of the store completely, divert him to the other sections. Try various kinds of clothes on him. Tell him, that he looks charming in a floral Hawaiian shirt. Make him understand the value of ethnic fashion. This helps your boyfriend to change his moods and imbibe other fashion choices too. Sticking to the same type of clothing makes a man go monotonous and habituated, which results in an obsession.

Body-image boyfriends typically suck at general knowledge and the information other than types of workouts and types of diet. But they are good at their workout knowledge but that makes them feel confined to one particular thing and they can never multitask. Hence, it's your job to make your partner hang out with you in various places. Watch some romantic, comedy, and entertaining dramas. Encourage him to inculcate new habits like reading books or gardening or beekeeping. Ask him to participate in various sports instead of just focusing on building a toned body.

There are two types of body-image boyfriends. The ones who show off excessively and the ones who are, very particular about removing their t-shirts or vests. In the first category, people try to portray their body-image as the sex appeal to attract others, and in the second category, people feel that they still have to grow excessive muscle or to get into perfect shape. The first ones consider themselves as superheroes and the second ones have very low self-esteem. Both are dangerous.

If your body-image boyfriend showcases himself as that six-pack gym freak who flirts around with his muscles to attract others, then he may become a threat to your relationship. Who doesn't like to sleep with a good body? Hence, he may end up cheating on you regularly. Who knows, he may end up penetrating someone in gym locker rooms or shower rooms. So, keep an eye on how he is projecting his body online and off-line. If he focuses on making others thirsty with his body, confront him right away, and try knowing his intentions. Generally, these kinds of guys are better to be dumped like waste protein containers. If he says he loves you with his soul by sharing his body with many others, then he is a waste of time.

If your body-image boyfriend, considers himself as a loser though he got a nice body, then it's high time for you to pour some sense into him. In this category, gay men are super conscious about their bodies and they feel they need to attain more and more and they never feel enough of themselves. This is indeed an obsession that results in lowering a person's confidence and self-esteem. He comes home with a moody face even after working out for hours. He doesn't allow you to touch him or be with him when you are in a crowd because he thinks, he isn't enough for you. He comes to the opinion, that he can only do the workout and nothing else.

Strike off all those opinions in his mind by telling him that he is the best at his work and he can do more than crunches and squats. Introduce him to his talents and unleash that hidden personality which he needs to embrace to be a better person. You can do all these only if you allow him to cry on your shoulder and only if you hear and understand him. Generally, body-image men are considered as stronger ones but they are sensitive too. Don't take your partner's physical appearance for granted and match it with his mental strength. If you are dating, or in love, or in a relationship, it's your job to make your partner feel full of life to add the charm to your bond.

Body-image boyfriends are very common in the gay community but they are also the most neglected ones by others. Instead of breaking up with them or leaving them because of their madness towards building their bodies, stick to them to transform them into someone more than just a piece of meat!

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