How to handle your body-image boyfriend

To be specific, you can find many gay men, obsessed with their bodies more than required, and to step into their world or having them in our lives, is simply a crazy idea. Guys generally love to maintain themselves to look strong, charming, and attractive to others, physically. But some guys are complete body freaks. Everything in and around them revolves around bulking up or shedding down or stabilizing the muscle growth, just to make sure they are physically attractive. Gym rats, bulls, jocks, bunnies, and some bodybuilding obsessed twinks are the categories of gay men who fall under this typical kind of gay boyfriends who only care about their body image and nothing else.

Except for newbies in the gay dating scenario, no one likes to have such kind of people in their love life. But what if you fall in love with a person who used to work out daily for being fit, gradually transforms into that typical kind of body-image boyfriend? It's love and sometimes it's hard for us to leave our partners just because they transform into someone else under many influences. But yeah, we can still make them get back to their senses and their real self if we know how to handle them properly without encountering the extremes.