How to handle hookups in an emotionless way!

After Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake's "Friends with benefits" movie, the era of trying random hookups has been escalating till date. But wait, what about the climax of the movie? Are people following the trend of loving the person they hook up with? Well, it happens only in serial hookups with the same person. They say right habituated things are better than new things. But, hookups are never habituated materials. They are like one time use.

Yes, strictly speaking, hookups are those sexual relationships which are instant and easily broken. There shouldn't be any space for emotions because the space must be filled with desires, fantasies and pleasures. But, why people are blending the meanings of both Hookup, and Relationship by using the terminology called "Love"? Because, they simply can't handle the emotions after hooking up with someone they like and totally mistake those emotions to feelings of Love!

Firstly, if you are getting ready to hook up with someone you got attracted to, then you can hardly think about getting into a relationship with that person. Because, if you have feelings for someone, then you will wait for a right moment to make love with that person. Hence, hookups are only about dealing attractions and infatuations. They are not thinking about making babies. So, wake up and control your emotions in few ways, that you shouldn't be mistaken your desires to your feelings.