How to handle an introvert person on dating apps..!

Dating scenario has totally moved into the virtual world now. We have almost stopped considering people in and around our neighborhoods. Many of us even stopped checking out guys and girls in our streets (not talking about eve teasers). Because, instead of knowing an unknown person in person, we are habituated in knowing an unknown person through dating apps in the virtual and technological world. We have many dating apps and many social networking apps to make our work easier and secure too...

Unlike two or three years ago, people are no more dumb in handling these dating apps, fake accounts and cyber crimes too. Thanks for Cyber protection and enlightenment out of many unfortunate incidents in the past. So, now we all have our own types and preferences of people and their preferences too. Hence, we all have various methods of dealing various types of people. Dealing an extrovert is anytime easier than dealing an introvert because the flow of communication is always limited in the aspect of introversion.

Introverts are those people who are less expressive and sometimes feel difficult in expressing their thoughts. It takes a certain period of time to open up. Some introverts are damn sweet when they open up and some introverts sound disgusting and ignorant. So, people feel little uneasy and become impatient when they get to handle them virtually. Nowadays, people are totally judging the social life, looks and most importantly the bio section of a profile. Because, that's how an unknown person actually knows about someone without even asking the person who he/she wants to approach. That's flexible right until and unless you come across a fake account. Be aware!

Imagine, you find a profile interesting, decent and appealing too. But for god's sake, he/she is an introvert and some people mention that in their profiles too. When they mention it and when you approach them and initiate a conversation, you better have a patience to deal them for a while because it is you who approach that person out of your interest. So, here are the few basic things you must keep in mind while talking to an introvert person