How to glitter like a shattered glass...

There are two sides of a coin and similarly, every sad story can be taken in two ways, in both optimistic and pessimistic ways. We are habituated by listening to the phrase which says broken glass can never be fixed. This is a very old pessimistic approach for sadness which lets a person drown deep in the lake of tragedy and suffocate. This doesn't mean people should take every sad story in an optimistic and try to feel happy about it. That's completely ridiculous. Do you know a person can carry the sadness for the betterment of one's personality?

Have you observed a building with glass windows that shine gorgeously under the sun? And let the sun shower its rays on shattered glass? Compare the shine. The polished shine always gets dominated by the glittery shine of shattered glass. Of course, that broken glass can never be fixed but still, it shines better than before (when it was in its fixed form). This isn't just philosophical, and you don't have to get related with some motivation from shattered glass. All you need to do is to just come out and let the rays fall on you!

Strictly speaking, queer community and the orientations belong to it, always gets judged for its sexual preferences. No matter how hard you scream about the word "Love", people judge you that your choices are out of lust. In this millennial era, people stopped giving a damn to what others think. That's a modern approach, but at the same time, it is diluting the community. People now don't even give a damn about breakups and patch-ups. The emotion of love is always getting tagged with materialistic constraints. The world became tough and breakups became common. Hence, if you come out like a broken soul, no one gives a damn to you. They just see your social media relationship status and throw a pity expression and continue with their lives.

There can be too many reasons for a breakup or else a sole absurd reason to alter the paths with a person. You get full attention when you encounter your first breakup and the scenario becomes opposite when you face your 15th breakup with your 15th ex-partner. People stop taking you seriously though you are still emotional about love and breakups. Hence, you must be the one who needs to devote proper attention to your love-life and on your breakup issues.

Apply the same glass theory, glass in its first crack; you can see some countable pieces. Bang on the glass with a hammer for say 15 times and start counting. Wait, you can't estimate them because the number of pieces becomes uncountable for a person to sit and count. But still, that glass remains the same material with the same properties and of course, it shines better than before. Similarly, your experiences become uncountable, you shine better and you can remain as you, no matter how broken you are!

And most importantly, you become tough and people must think twice to handle you. You can carry a polished glass by handling it in between the two hands. Can you collect the broken pieces of glass, like how you collect a handful of sand? Hell no, you get hurt and may witness blood. Broken pieces are dangerous and hence, they need to be handled with extra effort.

With your broken soul, you can portray two kinds of personalities. Either you can feel depressed, sad, frustrated, and fed up with spending the rest of your life in darkness and thinking about someone who doesn't deserve you at all. Or you can explore your broken soul for various other approaches to life. But sometimes, over-optimism may transform into mere pessimism. Are you wondering how?

Well, broken glass pieces, of course, glitter better but no one wants to collect broken glass pieces with bare hands. They completely sweep them off and in the end, they throw them off. The question is, what's the use of embracing the broken soul? Regardless of its shine, a glass is always considered as usable one until it gets broken. But a very few artistic people, can look into the beauty of broken glass and appreciate its shine and these are the ones who have broken souls and can understand them better than anyone else.

So, if you are a troubled soul and already had a hell lot of breakups in life, don't give up on the emotion of love. Just wait for an artistic soul to find the beauty of your broken soul. But again, there's a clause. Don't be extremely harsh on you that you become a person who doesn't allow others to approach to observe your broken beauty. Always remember, shattered glass is wholly different from uncountable broken pieces of glass.