How to get rid of desperate people on online dating apps!

Being desperate about attaining a particular task which uplifts a person's lifestyle is a good sign of life but being desperate about getting people in our lives is a sure sign of creepiness. In this virtual scenario, the dating scenario is online. Meeting virtually through conversations is the first stage of any dating app. Hence, we all end up having our dating profiles in various dating apps. Some are good at attracting the crowd and some are dumb as blank profiles. That varies from person to person though.

If you maintain your profile as interesting, appealing and attractive, you will surely get many matches, taps, and footprints depending on the radar and city you are in. We feel very proud about ourselves when we get too many matches and messages, but at the same time we also feel pissed off witnessing a few annoying conversations and especially people who stick with us like a gum no matter what. That's creepy.

Having encountered many people through many gay dating apps and having appreciated too many texts, footprints, and hot taps, I became a sort of dating life coach and trust me, I have also faced too many annoying conversations, many shameful creatures and too much of criticism. Desperate people are dangerous. They don't give you space to breathe. They keep on send you messages even though you say that you are not interested in them in their face. They don't give up easily because their ultimate motto is to end up with you in bed. In extreme cases, they may menace you by suicidal thoughts and that's scary.

Getting rid of these kinds of people is difficult but with few tactics and actions, one can breathe peacefully and enjoy the further dating life without disturbances. Online dating apps are mostly considered as hookup apps these days and only a few of us know the real meaning of dating and the process. But the scenario has limited the concept of dating to just one night stands and serial hookups. Hence, we can come across many people who are unaware of dating world and those people act desperate to explore it in only one way, which is SEX. Here are the few ways to get rid of those sort of desperate dating dumb fucks:

  • Do not react in an exciting way when someone sends you too many compliments. That may make you stuck up with their non-sense conversations further.

  • Feel the excitement of a person when he/she texts you in your initial conversations. If it is getting intense within a shorter period, chuck it off. That person is desperate for sure.

  • Hit the block button when someone asks you out for a sex date in the first message. First impressions do matter and please throw that "Don't judge a book by its cover" quote in a bin.

  • Some people act smart in initial conversations and then slowly they start showing them, their desperate mindsets by involving so much in our life patterns. Take an initiative and explain them clearly to mind their own business.

  • Never hesitate to say what you have in your mind just for the sake of your old good conversations. No one is the same every day.

  • Please get to know whether they are desperate every day or they act desperate in a few situations. For suppose, some people feel irritated and frustrated and they start texting you too many messages when you, unfortunately, don't reply to them. It happens with everyone and that's not being desperate if he/she acts once in a blue moon. But if the same thing is repeating every single day, you must know that you are in unsafe hands of a desperate person who wants to track your every single move.

  • Be straight forward to the people whom you feel as desperate because the damage levels keep on escalates if you drag the conversations unnecessarily for many days. Be brave enough to say "No"

  • If you think blocking a person is the only way to get rid of a desperate person, please go ahead, because your comfort levels are more important that other person's fantasies.

  • Do not trust people who spill their emotions by saying "I love you" in initial conversations. Because virtually love at first sight is hypothetical.

  • Unfortunately, if you get into a person without acknowledging his desperate side, and if you feel to get rid of him at any cost, then the concept of costing helps you in a better way. In online dating apps, no one trusts a person who asks money for everything. Because hookers ask money only for sex. Hence, that creates an uneven opinion on you and instead, he/she tries to get rid of you. Trust me, monetary dealings help you to come out of toxic people easily.

  • Sometimes try to read between the lines. Have a sense about the opinions of a person and the real reasons behind those pleasing conversations of a person to meet him/her for dates.