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How to get rid of Bi-phobia...

Biphobia is mostly under represented because Homophobia and Transphobia are quite visible in people's actions and behaviors. But biphobia mostly lies in ignorance of these Ignorant people who think that bisexuals are gays who cover up their sexuality under the name of Bisexuality. The main aspect of Bi-phobia is in ignoring bisexuals and their emotions by misunderstanding them as whores. Simply, bisexuality is the orientation which is getting treated as something which is sex oriented not sexuality oriented. And bisexuals are getting treated as people who focuses on sex, just sex.

This misunderstanding thought in people, making them bi-phobic unintentionally. Unlike Homophobia and Transphobia, where people mostly try to bash and criticize homosexuals and transsexuals because of their identities and appearances (dressing issue), Bi-phobia is not about the thought of behavior and dressing sense, it's just people don't try to understand the orientation itself and hence, they start ignoring and behaving in an annoying with bisexuals.

The sad thing is most of the people from LGBTQ community, themselves act as a bi-phobic and ignore bisexuals to involve them in the activities and disrespect them by not giving them a chance to excel in the community itself.

Well, some are ignorant and some are the products of these ignorant people who get influenced by people's words without even knowing the facts and truths. Hence, the percentage of bi-phobia is escalating to peaks because of these ignorant people. If we don't support people from our own community, how can we expect support from the whole society. So, if you are the person, who feels bi-phobic for no reason, follow the things below to get rid of this disease . Yes, Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia are mental diseases.

  • Know the meaning of bisexuality. Treat it as an orientation and not as a sexual need of a person.

  • It's all about getting into both men and women. Simple. It's like how a gay man opts a man, how a lesbian girl opts a woman and how a straight man opts a straight woman. It's the same.

  • Forget all the explanations about your friend's mess up stories with bisexual people. Get a life and know the facts by experiencing yourself.

  • Try to talk to a bisexual person and strike the deep conversations about how they feel. Taking a time for your mental health improvement is good.

  • Know the struggles they face everyday with their orientations, kin and kith pressures and their attractions.

  • Ask them the questions you have in your mind, no matter how stupid they are. Just go for it, because we will get to know about others only if we ask them.

  • Take the thought of "bisexuals are the people who only approach for sex and nothing else" out of your head.

  • Try to see them in the aspect of how you love others and how you want to be loved. Because everyone wants others to give respect and love them exactly like how you want to.

  • And if your past experiences make you feel that bisexuals aren't your cup of tea or they are emotionless, well, consider the fact that not everyone is same including you.

  • Just because you encounter with a confused bisexual person, don't think that bisexuality is a product of confusion. It's a clarity of getting attracted to both men and women.

  • Physically, they can sleep with either men or women, but emotionally they get connected to only one person, either a man or a woman. Know that.

  • Ignoring people won't let you feel enlightened about the society and culture around you. Mingle with bisexuals to know their feelings.

  • Like how you have standards and ethics, bisexuals too have standards and ethics. So, please don't assume and think that they may hit on you. Assumptions lead to unnecessary and false judgments.

  • We are humans and we make choices of our own. We are equal and we need to support each other emotionally. Dig the humanitarian values inside of you and see with your own eyes in a positive way, you feel things easy, simple and normal. Bisexuality is normal and Bi-phobia is abnormal. Hence, we are humans and we make thoughtful choices, choose which makes you a human being, not a societal monster.

You generally don't need therapies and psychologists to treat bi-phobics. If we share a little bit of knowledge without restricting ourselves, we as the people from LGBT community can make our fellow mates understand the concept of bisexuality and the emotions of bisexuals to let them get rid of bi-phobia that has stuck in them, because of societal influences and inexperienced situations.

So, to all the LGBT community people, instead of screaming slogans on roads to make people understand about the Queer, why don't you tell yourself that it's okay to be bisexuals and involve them in the homosexual activities. Because, in India, bi-phobia is totally getting neglected. We must eradicate this phobia from our minds first to let understand others about us. If we don't have unity within us, we face a lot of differences between us which leads nowhere but back to the past.

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