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How to fix the thought of needing your partner to answer immediately!

Are you that impatient person who always eagerly waits for your partner to reply soon after you text him? Are you the one who can't bear the surroundings around you when your partner doesn't respond at the time when you need him the most? Are you the one who doesn't care about others but only your feelings when it comes to your relationship? Well, you are not a weird and annoying person at all. You are as normal as any other person who craves attention when demanded. But at times, this particular thought may irk you off to the core and can make you take some extreme decisions too! Instead of questioning your personality and relationship with your partner, you need to fix this delicate thought with some calm measures!

This typically happens in long-distance relationships where a couple has to face various emotional fluctuations. Due to the physical gap, psychologically a person needs one's partner more than he/she requires. This makes a person text more frequently than needed. And if the partner delays the reply due to time difference and various other issues, there are significant chances that a person may take that particular situation more seriously. Though it might be a classic situation, in long-distance, it appears like a complicated one. And this also happens in regular couples who are more into virtual communication, who needs their partners to be available for them all the time.

Firstly, never take a person for granted to be available for you through a message or a call, 24/7. No matter whatever the bond you share with people, no one in this world can commit completely to respond to you immediately whenever you need. It doesn't work at all. So erase that typical assumption you have in your mind that people or your partner replies to your text soon after you text him or her!

Suggesting you practice patience is like blowing a shell horn in front of a deaf man. But there's no other option for you than to be patient enough. Just do your thing and leave the rest to the people, situations, and sometimes god too! Make sure you are good at your thing and stop bothering yourself because of others'. Not everyone can be as responsive and communicative as you. If you reply to people within split seconds, it doesn't mean everyone should do the same with you! Be practical and be patient!

We are humans and we can understand anything if we allow ourselves to comprehend a particular subject or an object. So, try to perceive the person you love. Instead of focusing on why he doesn't reply to you immediately, focus on what situation he could be in. If you love someone, you need to interpret them by thinking 360 degrees of a particular situation! Give yourself and your partner some time to get back to you!

You are an overthinker. Get rid of that stupidity as soon as possible. If not your brain can develop various situations to make you feel disappointed, disgusted, and difficult. You gain nothing but a headache out of overthinking about the delayed response of your partner. If you text him and if he doesn't reply to you back within minutes, stay calm and breathe, instead of rehearsing situations like cheating, accident, death, breakup, or even vanishing off from your relationship. This one delicate thought can make you overthink and sometimes distress you.

Don't get habituated to feel regret when you find nothing but a simple signal fluctuation or a delayed message after you plan for an insane extreme situation. It doesn't look good on you, and it also may dilute the impression on you in your partner's mind. For instance, if your partner went to some meeting in a random location and due to signal fluctuation, he might not have received your message. But without perceiving and understanding the situation, if you prepare to blast your partner or if you spill some mean comments on him soon after he becomes available to you, then you should feel guilty for your behavior after knowing the reality!

Always try to step in the shoes of your partner to recognize and realize the situation, so that it calms your nerves, stops you from acting like a prick, and makes you wait to calculate the whole process maturely like an adult instead of letting you behave childishly.

Never respond out of anger and anxiety, when you find something fishy about your partner and something related to his or her unresponsive behavior. Any person can handle the delay of replies up to some extent, later any person can lose his cool. But a few couples understand way too much and they don't let affect their relationship with unnecessary drama. This may make some people take advantage of their partners, and they say some stupid theories every single time.

If you find your partner spilling some random stories every time, you ask him or her regarding the delay of his or her replies, then you can expect something is going on. Confront your partner instead of cooking your own stories. Never struggle within yourself or force yourself to suppress your mind. Take some time and let your partner know how you feel about his way of responding to your texts or messages or calls.

Always, let your partner know about your personality and how important his or her replies to you, and how majorly it makes you feel good when your partner responds to you immediately. Be vulnerable in love and let your partner understand your preferences too. This is how you must fix these delicate thoughts instead of entertaining them in your brain to ruin your whole relationship! At the end of the day, you need your partner to react and respond to you; there's nothing wrong with it, but it also shouldn't get negatively intense!

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