How to fix the thought of needing your partner to answer immediately!

Are you that impatient person who always eagerly waits for your partner to reply soon after you text him? Are you the one who can't bear the surroundings around you when your partner doesn't respond at the time when you need him the most? Are you the one who doesn't care about others but only your feelings when it comes to your relationship? Well, you are not a weird and annoying person at all. You are as normal as any other person who craves attention when demanded. But at times, this particular thought may irk you off to the core and can make you take some extreme decisions too! Instead of questioning your personality and relationship with your partner, you need to fix this delicate thought with some calm measures!

This typically happens in long-distance relationships where a couple has to face various emotional fluctuations. Due to the physical gap, psychologically a person needs one's partner more than he/she requires. This makes a person text more frequently than needed. And if the partner delays the reply due to time difference and various other issues, there are significant chances that a person may take that particular situation more seriously. Though it might be a classic situation, in long-distance, it appears like a complicated one. And this also happens in regular couples who are more into virtual communication, who needs their partners to be available for them all the time.