How to deal with the 'Whys' in your relationship?

Unlike whats, hows and whens, the whys always lead to endless questions instead of ending up with one answer. So, one must be cautious and conscious enough to deal with any such whys in one's relationship especially when the factor of doubt arises in a couple. Regardless of how deeply two individuals love each other under the commitment of being together; they must face some unpredictable and unmanageable situations in a relationship. If a couple faces such delicate and complex scenarios, whys appear by default in the search for an answer that puts an end to ripples in a relationship.

One why leads to another and that, in turn, leads to another, the chain extends until it reaches a point where two parties make peace with the answer but from the first why to the last answer, there are high chances for a couple to face too many whys. They may feel utmostly uncomfortable by expressing, supporting and managing their answers to make sure the other person understands and gets along with the situation. Unfortunately, some relationships may break off in the process of explaining those endless whys!

Questions come into the picture only when a couple lacks transparency with each other. If you and your partner get to know what you are up to in each other lives in every possible way by keeping up with each other's interests, issues and information, you can easily eliminate unnecessary questions. But, it doesn't mean questions have a bad influence on a relationship. They bring clarity and can take a couple out of confusion if two individuals ask each other the questions that bother them in any aspect.

What, When and How can furnish the perfect explanations with a crystal clear answer and often they are short and straight forwards but a 'Why' carries a whole untold story and wholesome reasons behind it. If a couple trusts each other in every possible way, whys don't appear but that's not how relationships work. They constantly test a couple's strength for a commitment and hence, various kinds of scenarios fall into one's romantic life that makes a couple feel insecure, doubtful, jealous, and unstable with each other. That's why the "Whys" can rule out the integral relationship.

Surprisingly, every Why carries a perfect answer, but it completely depends on a person whether to narrate the full story or hide the bits and pieces of it. Often the why from one partner gives an urge for the why from the other partner. For instance, if you ask your partner, why is he talking to some random person so closely, then your partner may counter you by asking why you are getting triggered unnecessarily. Slowly, the conversation goes from a discussion to a debate and ends with an argument. If both the partners are sane enough to analyze the unnecessary complications, then they may settle at one point by eradicating the negative effect and getting along with the positive side but if either one of the partners is a headstrong, unwilling, argumentative, egoistic and pessimistic, then there may arise a rupture in the relationship.

The only way to deal with such endless whys is to be patient enough. Yes, patience is the key when it comes to answering your partner in a way that there won't be any other question following up behind that one why. Of course, it is difficult to stop with one why but if you carry the best explanation for your partner's question that involves utmost clarity with the aspects of trust, love and affection towards surviving your relationship, then it becomes easier for you to deal with the whys in your relationship.