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How to deal with the uninviting pictures of Genitalia...

Gone are those days where people used to get scared or hesitant enough to approach someone they attract. Now, the whole dating scenario has changed to the core with utmost feasibility and diluted ethics. Previously, people used to maintain decorum to get a kiss from their loved ones after a lot of cravings, but now sex became so common that people started liking others after they are getting satisfied in bed. No offense but most of us want our partners to be experienced in every possible sensual way. This is why all the dating apps have converted into hookup apps!

How many of you have dating applications on your smartphones? Around 88% of people are on dating apps. These statistics say everything and not everyone looks for a romantic and lovely relationship. Most of them want to just have a hookup or use others, wait, there is a term for it too, yes, "Friends with Benefits". Isn't it convenient enough to have both a sex partner and a pal in one body? And there comes, some hidden perverts who only get into one night stands and yeah, another term, "No strings attached". Well, there are many terms to get into another person physically. These people, at least act straight forward and only commit by considering the consent of another person.

But, some people are tragically desperate enough to get some action and we see a hell lot of them on dating apps who start their conversations with their filthy dicks and ugly boobs. Most of us encounter these particular category people in our dating apps, of course, we throw them as a dump by blocking them. But some people never give up on annoying others by flashing their genitalia off on social media messages or dating apps. They keep sending their unsavory pictures of the genitalia and you must know how to handle those pricks properly!

  • If you are hot enough and showcase your hotness or coolness or have some crazy lifestyle, you will be always getting attacked by these unwanted penis clicks or vagina clicks. So, always be alert before opening a new conversation on your dating apps. Who knows you may witness something ridiculously unexpected. So, when you are in a crowd or with your kin and kith, do not open new conversations especially from faceless profiles.

  • Apps like Tinder, Grindr, Planet Romeo, Blued, Hornet, Scruff, Bumble, Ok cupid and many more dating apps are coming up with new options and whole bio space to allow a person to list our preferences, likes and dislikes. Maintain the clarity in your bio section. If you don't like receiving intimate clicks, please do mention it in your bio sections including what you are looking for!

  • In that case, if you mention that you are looking for sex, then your chances of resisting those vulgar clicks are very less. Because, when someone looks for only sex without any emotional attachments like friendships, dates, and relationships, it portrays that particular person needs a penis or butt or a vagina. Simple! You must deal with it, without complaining!

  • But some illiterates, sex maniacs, perverts, desperate people, send uninviting genital clicks to you without reading your profile. They just dump their shit in your inbox soon after they see a hot picture on your profile, no matter whether it could be a picture of a celebrity who has nothing to do with your intimate dating life. In this case, you must need to use your sarcasm!

  • Always throw one sarcastic phrase if someone unknown sends you his dick picture to you without your consent. Remember that phrase must hurt his ego so that he shouldn't dare to send his ugly cock click to others. And apply the same to those over-excited girls who flash their private parts online in the assumption of enticing others.

  • Gay dating apps, are the most happening apps for people to send their penis pictures to each other. These guys send their unbearable clicks to others in the heat of getting some sex at the end of the day. These desperate pricks boast about the measurements of their tools too. It's the same with girls receiving the genital pictures of some stupid sex craving boys in their inbox of social media and dating apps.

  • Always remember that a male ego gets hurt if you say something sarcastic or bitter truths about their private parts. I get a lot of unsavory pictures of the male genitalia in my gay dating apps and my social media profiles. I sound sarcastically critical by comparing their ugliness of dicks with their faces and by comparing the size of the tools with tiny things in the world. These appearances-conscious comments kill the other person's vibes and they finally give up by either keeping calm or sending you their apologies.

  • But that's not with everyone. Some disgusting souls get offended in return and may bother you too much by keeping on sending their pictures, even though you block them, they return like dangerous zombies by creating uncountable fake profiles. Always be strong and go ahead by screwing them with your words.

  • If you think you can't handle them anymore, keep this in your mind, you don't have to panic about the person or else his/her indecent behavior online, there is always an option called 'filing a legal case under cyber crime section with a clause of online harassment'. Use this statement, your issues gets settled. Always sound intensely striking so that another person shouldn't face trouble like you on dating apps and social media.

  • If you think ignoring is the best option, then indeed you are encouraging that person to continue the same thing with others. Instead of ignoring, react strongly so that these kinds of perverts think twice to flash their uninviting pictures of the genitalia online! So, act on it, let us make consensual conversations and make dating apps a safer space to know each other properly.

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